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DeSantis attacks Democrats in newest anti-woke speech that leaves rivals worried about their chances


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DeSantis is second to Trump in the Republican primary polls. And many of his fans are becoming more and more invested in the Florida Governor.

And now, DeSantis has attacked Democrats in his newest ant-woke speech that has left his rivals worried about their chances.

Over the weekend, DeSantis spoke to supporters and warned them that the United States needs to take the problem of political correctness more seriously.

He warned that the woke mindset that is taking over in schools, among our children, and in the media is going to be the death of our country.

These remarks came during his speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit where he spoke mainly about Israel.

He claimed that his support for Israel and the Jewish community is “personal” for him, and he pointed to his support of the Jewish community in his state and his support in the Middle East.

He also announced that he has called for a special session of legislature in a few weeks in order to “expand our state-based sanctions against the Iranian regime.”

He said, “We already have some of the strongest in the United States, we now have an ability to expand those because the money that’s going into Iran, they’re not using it to make the lives of their people better.”

He continued saying “They’re using it to fund terrorism throughout the Middle East. So we’re standing up and we’re doing what’s right. And again, this is about leading not with mere words, but deeds. And we’ve done that time and time again.”

He also pointed to his track record in the US saying, “I was also the first candidate to say that we in the United States cannot accept refugees from the Gaza Strip.”

He then went on to emphasize what “political correctness” is doing to our country, and how important it is that the American people fight back against it.

“And here’s the thing. We got to start looking at these issues with clear eyes. Political correctness will end this country if we don’t stop doing it,” DeSantis stated.

He dismantled the Radical Left talking points regarding the Middle East when they claimed that not all of Gaza is Hamas.

“And I said you don’t want the Gaza. And what they said was, ‘well, they’re not all Hamas’. Well, look, they elected Hamas. Let’s just be clear. They were cheering for Hamas when Hamas perpetrated this attack, just like they cheered when Al Qaeda knocked down the Twin Towers. They were cheering Palestinian Arabs when that happened.”

He went on further to attack Democrats for their support of the terror group Hamas and show them just how little sense the Radical Left talking points are.

“The question isn’t whether you’re all Hamas,” DeSantis said, “The question is, do they teach young kids to hate Jews? Yes. Do they teach young kids that Israel should be wiped off the map? Actually, do they even have Israel in the map on their textbooks? No, it’s not even there. So it’s not a question of whether you’re actually a terrorist or whether you’re a member of Hamas or not.”

He also used the opportunity to attack Democrats for their weak border stance and pointed out that Joe Biden is flooding America with known terrorist sympathizers.

It is easy for Americans to not think about the situation in the Middle East because it does not seem to be actively affecting our everyday lives.

However, DeSantis made a number of excellent points regarding the Left and how they are using these attacks to push their radical agenda.

The American people need to hold our elected leaders accountable for their actions, and it is time to put a stop to terrorist sympathizers in positions of power in the country.

DeSantis has taken a strong pro-America stance that has increased his support in recent polls, and his fellow candidates are starting to worry about their chances for the nomination.

Donald Trump still remains the dominant front-runner for the Republican primary, but DeSantis seems to be saying all the right things that the American people want to hear right now.

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