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Greg Abbott exploded in rage when this legal notice from Joe Biden hit his desk


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking the president head on. But Joe Biden’s gone too far.

And now Greg Abbott’s exploded in rage over this legal notice from Joe Biden that hit his desk.

The Texas government is facing legal action from the Justice Department due to Governor Greg Abbott’s recent executive order authorizing the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants. The DOJ claims that Texas is exceeding its jurisdiction by intervening in immigration policy matters that are exclusively within the purview of the federal government.

Following the warning by the Justice Department to sue Texas in the event that the Lone Star State moved forward with implementing Senate Bill 4, which is set to take effect on March 5, the complaint was filed on Wednesday, January 3rd. According to Abbott’s spokesman, the Republican governor plans to ignore the demand from the Biden administration and instead take the case to the United States Supreme Court.

Because it “unconstitutionally intrudes on the federal government’s exclusive authority to regulate the entry and removal of noncitizens,” the Justice Department claims that Texas must repeal its new border statute. The government’s activities along the southern border are also supposedly disrupted by the Texas legislation, according to the complaint.

By designating certain points of entry into the state, the measure gives Texas municipal and state governments the power to detain those who cross the border illegally from Mexico. The severity of the charge determines whether an individual is subject to state misdemeanor or felony charges for entering the United States unlawfully. As an alternative to federal legal action, the bill gives state judges the authority to deport undocumented immigrants back to Mexico.

Senate Bill 4 formally criminalizes illegal immigration and grants Texas the authority to address the border situation. Abbott has taken matters of immigration enforcement into his own hands, which has angered the Biden administration, as shown by the lawsuit.

Legally, “Texas cannot run its own immigration system,” the lawsuit reads. According to the lawsuit, through Senate Bill 4, Texas will undermine U.S. immigration operations and procedures, meddle in U.S. international relations, and violate the federal government’s sole jurisdiction to control the admission and expulsion of noncitizens. The Biden Department of Justice claims that SB 4 should be struck down as unconstitutional.

The Justice Department’s petition refers to the 2012 Supreme Court decision Arizona v. U.S., which states that no state may enact or enforce federally preempted immigration laws or regulations.

The action doesn’t appear to have fazed Abbott, though.

“Biden sued me today because I signed a law making it illegal for an illegal immigrant to enter or attempt to enter Texas directly from a foreign nation. I like my chances,” Abbott shared on Twitter, also known as X, highlighting the fact that Texas is the sole state that is “trying to stop illegal immigration” as the Biden administration permits countless illegal immigrants to pour into the United States.

About 242,000 undocumented immigrants attempted to enter the southern border in November. U.S. Customs and Border Protection sources indicate that December saw more than 302,000 interactions involving illegal migrants, so that figure is likely to be substantially higher. Sometime in January, CBP will make public the statistics from last month.

A number of progressive activist groups, including the ACLU and two others, have sued the state of Texas over the same statute, so Texas will also have to deal with their case as well.

A federal appeals court mandated the removal of the buoy barriers and concertina-wire fence in Texas in early December, and the Justice Department is also participating in the legal fights in an effort to get them removed.

A week later, that order was later overturned. The disputes over the floating obstacles and razor wire have not yet ended.

Since the announcement of the lawsuit, Greg Abbott has only grown more and more bold in his decision to continue to handle illegal immigration as his administration sees fit considering the Biden administration is not properly handling the situation at all.

Just today, Greg Abbott shared on X that Texas has now sent over 100,000 immigrations to Democrat sanctuary cities, much to the displeasure of the Democrats who labeled those cities as sanctuaries in the first place.

“Texas has transported over 100,000 migrants to sanctuary cities to relieve overwhelmed border towns. Until Biden reverses course on his open border policies, Texas will continue transporting migrants to these cities. We will not back down on our efforts to secure the border,” Abbott wrote.

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