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Top member of the Biden admin caught up in a scary emergency after plane fails


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For the most part politics is not considered a dangerous profession. But this politician learned that’s not the case.

And a top member of the Biden administration was caught up in a scary emergency after their plane fails.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was attending the World Economic Forum’s yearly meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

After leaving Davos in a helicopter, Blinken arrived in Zurich where he was to board a Boeing C-40 jet.

Once he boarded, a serious oxygen leak occurred causing the plane to be grounded because it was unsafe to takeoff and fly.

The leak was considered unfixable meaning Blinken had to switch planes.

According to reports from Bloomberg, aides of Blinken as well as members of the press had to fly back to the United States on commercial flights while the Secretary of State waited for a new plane.

The Boeing C-40 is the military’s model of a Boeing 737-700 which is used typically as an airliner jet.

It’s also a different type of plane than the Max 9 which has been under heavy safety investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after a door plug flew off an Alaska Airlines flight (while the plane was flying) almost two weeks ago.

The FAA has been unable to find out the reason as to why the door plug flew off that Alaska Airlines flight.

Thankfully, no passengers or members of the crew were killed in the incident, however some were injured.

The whole incident has led to Boeing being sued by some passengers.

“All 737-9 MAX aircraft with door plugs will remain grounded pending the FAA’s review and final approval of an inspection and maintenance process that satisfies all FAA safety requirements,” a statement from the FAA said.

Obviously Blinken’s plane was not a result of a faulty door plug, but instead an oxygen leak.

And thanks to the quick action of the plane’s crew, the aircraft did not takeoff while the leak was occurring.

But this is looking like yet another bad break for Boeing.

They can’t seem to get any sort of positive press over the past few weeks and rightfully so.

Hopefully the FAA is able to conclude their investigation of Boeing and shut down any technical or mechanical failures before they have a chance to manifest.

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