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Trump victory causes this MSNBC host to have a mental breakdown


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There’s no one the Left hates more than Donald Trump. Everything he does has them in hysterics.

And a Trump victory causes this MSNBC host to have a mental breakdown.

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump was able to reel in Republican primary victories in many states across the country.

As a result of his outstanding performance on Super Tuesday, former South Carolina Gov. and GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced her suspension of her campaign the following day.

Trump has practically secured the Republican nomination for president and will likely face Joe Biden in the general election in November.

MSNBC, a mainstream media outlet with a heavy Leftist bias, wasn’t too pleased with Trump’s victory.

In fact, during his victory speech on Tuesday night, the news network cut away from the speech with anchor Rachel Maddow explaining that it was “irresponsible to broadcast” it.

“Yeah, ok. You know, it is, ok. I will say that it is a decision that we revisit constantly in terms of the balance between allowing somebody to knowingly lie on your air about things they’ve lied about before and you can predict they are going to lie about,” Maddow began in her defense of cutting away from Trump’s speech.

“And so, therefore, it is irresponsible to allow them to do that. It’s a balance between knowing that that’s irresponsible to broadcast and also knowing that as the de facto – soon to be de facto nominee of the Republican Party – this is not only the man who is likely to be the Republican candidate for president, but this is the way he’s running.”

Stephanie Ruhle, a co-host of Maddow’s, was adamant that it’s important for MSNBC to “fact-check” Trump.

“Well, here’s how we balance it. Why don’t we fact-check the h*ll out of him?” Ruhle said.

“Yes, and we do that after the fact and that is the best remedy that we’ve got,” Maddow responded.

“It does not fix the fact that we broadcast it, honestly.”

Instead of letting the American people decide if they want to view Trump’s speech and decipher it the way they want, Maddow and her co-hosts at MSNBC want to make that decision for them, and that’s by cutting it off entirely.

Maybe this is why the former president has referred to the mainstream media as the “enemy of the people.”

Their Leftist-bias is completely unavoidable these days.

They don’t even try to hide the fact that they hate conservatives and anyone that thinks like them.

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column.


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