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Democrat Governor leaves Joe Biden speechless by asking this one critical question


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President Biden’s own party is splitting at the seams. High profile Democrats are speaking out.

And now a Democrat Governor has left Joe Biden speechless when he asked him one simple but critical question.

Two issues stand above the rest as the worst in terms of Joe Biden’s performance as the President of the United States. Those are, of course, immigration and the economy.

Those issues are ones that Americans get extremely politically motivated about. In 2016, Donald Trump largely won a term in the White House against his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton because he connected with the American voters on the issue of immigration. In fact, pollsters suggest that the voting data proves that Donald Trump won over many voters who were in Barack Obama’s camp in 2012.

The alienation of your own voting base can be extremely damaging and that’s what most believe happened in 2016 to Hillary Clinton, leading to Trump’s stunning victory.

Joe Biden, as some have pointed out, has some similarities with Hillary Clinton in this way. He’s alienating his own voting base as he can’t seem to get any issue right to convince Americans that he’s in control whatsoever. Just look at how angry his own voting base is with him for daring to support Israel after the horrific October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on innocent Israeli citizens.

The immigration issue is also one that he is facing intense criticism over. Now a major Democrat has come out on record to say that Joe Biden’s border crisis is the “worst government crisis” he has ever seen.

The former Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said during a speech last week that the immigration crisis that has reached the city of New York is the worst he’d ever seen in his life and said that the responsibility starts with the federal government for creating this crisis.

“This is the worst government blunder I have seen in my entire life,” Mr. Cuomo said to an audience at a church in New York state.

“You have the federal government, which is where it starts, it’s standing at the border with a sign that says, ‘Come to the United States of America and claim asylum.’ And two million people come. Of course, from Venezuela, Honduras, and Guatemala. They get to the border and they say, ‘Where do you want to go?’ And they say, ‘I want to go to New York.’ What are they going to say? I want to go to Nevada?” Cuomo went on to say.

Those are some pretty harsh words that are obviously directed at Joe Biden and his administration that has been facing criticism for failing to do anything to address the worsening immigration crisis.

Then he asked Democrats a critical question that Joe Biden and company are certainly seething about. He asked why Democrats are set on sending immigrants to only New York City instead of elsewhere throughout the state.

“They get to New York. New York state says to them, ‘You can only go to New York City.’ Only New York City. Not the Hudson Valley, not upstate New York, not Long Island. Only New York City. Why?” the former Democrat governor asked.

Of course, as conservatives have been saying for years now, the reason for this is that Democrats don’t actually want to have the immigration issue in their backyard despite what they say.

They want to label their cities “sanctuary cities” for political points with their voting base, but as soon as push comes to shove, they’d prefer that illegal immigrants and undocumented individuals be out of sight and out of mind. Cuomo agreed with this estimation of the issue.

“Because politically for their politics, they want the problem in New York City and they don’t want the political problem in the rest of the state,” Cuomo said in response to his own question.

You can listen to his short fifteen minute speech below:

The Democrat Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has also been looking at the White House searching for answers on how the city can get help to deal with the immigration crisis that is overwhelming the city and state.

But the White House has largely been silent. That silence is taking its toll as Democrats and even far-Left so-called “progressive” media talking heads have been ramping up their criticism of Joe Biden on this issue. This is all in the middle of an election year mind you, which just goes to show you how upset Joe Biden has made everyone on all ends of the political spectrum.

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