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Shocking discovery completely exposes this major Democrat


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The radical Left is pushing its disturbing agenda on the entire nation. But the way they are doing it is terrifying.

And now, a shocking discovery completely exposed this major Democrat.

In a confidential report to Congress, President Joe Biden’s State Department revealed that in the past two years, the department has committed $77 million in public funds to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives.

In the remaining year of Biden’s first term, the department intends to surpass this amount.

A clause in the budget bill from the previous year compelled the administration to tell Congress the precise amount it has spent on DEI.

According to a confidential document that The Daily Wire exclusively obtained, Biden invested $77 million in DEI-related projects in 2022 and 2023.

However, the disclosure’s spending calculations are based on a limited definition of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

All of the spending was allocated to DEI initiatives within the Bureau of Global Talent Management, whose website states that its main objective is to “sustain a diverse, talented, and inclusive workforce.”

In the meantime, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion employs 12 full-time staff members with an undisclosed amount of “central funds” (Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Constance Mayer receives an annual salary of roughly $180,000).

“The State Department’s ideological overemphasis on DEIA has come to penetrate every bureau and embassy under the Biden administration,” according to congressional lawmakers who pushed the disclosure.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), was the one who introduced the clause requiring the State Department to report to Congress on its DEI spending.

He stated to The Daily Wire that the enormous expenditures convey to all staff members the idea that they must align with the ideology.

McCaul said, “Now, foreign and civil service officers must pledge allegiance or else risk not being promoted.”

It appears that the Biden administration will only increase its DEI expenditures.

In an attempt to push DEI in fiscal year 2024, the agency has requested up to $83 million, threatening to raise the official three-year total to $160 million.

A budget rationale for fiscal year 2024 states, “The Budget includes up to $83.3 million for continued expansion of programs to foster diversity and inclusion to further support the President’s Executive Orders.”

Another even more terrifying discovery is that the administration’s addendum to Congress claims that it did not keep track of the amount spent on DEI in 2021, which makes it impossible to determine the overall amount spent under Biden.

The radical Left under Joe Biden’s leadership is spending undisclosed amounts of money surpassing tens of millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

How much longer will the American people allow this madness to continue?

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column where we bring you the TRUTH in the news.


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