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Donald Trump just found out something very disturbing about the Democrats and the 2024 election


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Former President Donald Trump can’t believe how low the Democrats are stooping. They’re doing the unthinkable to pull the rug out from under him.

As Donald Trump has stumbled upon a very disturbing fact about the Democrats and the 2024 election.

In recent FEC disclosures, it has come to light that a Political Action Committee (PAC) launching an advertising blitz against former President Donald Trump predominantly relied on funding from Democratic backers in 2023.

The Republican Accountability PAC, known for its opposition to Trump, received a staggering 75% of its financial support from just six major Democratic donors, as per FEC records. Headed by Sarah Longwell, the PAC made headlines with its announcement of a $50 million initiative across six swing states, aiming to forge an “anti-Trump coalition,” as reported by The Hill.

Under the umbrella of the Republican Accountability PAC lies “Republican Voters Against Trump,” a campaign that, interestingly, channels potential donors directly to the parent organization’s donation platform. The campaign’s strategy involves showcasing testimonials from individuals who voted for Trump previously but have no intention of doing so in 2024, as detailed by The Hill.

Despite its focus on disaffected Republicans, the PAC’s financial roots trace back to major Democratic contributors, as highlighted in FEC filings. High-profile Democratic donors collectively injected over $6.1 million into the Republican Accountability PAC in 2023, forming the lion’s share of its $8.1 million fundraising efforts.

Supplementing this influx of Democratic capital, Defending Democracy Together, another anti-Trump entity led by Longwell and co-founded by vocal Trump critic Bill Kristol, channeled an additional $2 million into the PAC, according to FEC data.

Among the notable liberal benefactors are figures such as Reid Hoffman, Seth Klarman, John Pritzker, Robert Stavis, Robert Rothhouse, and Tench Coxe. While some of them have previously supported Republican causes, their recent donations overwhelmingly favor liberal initiatives, including substantial contributions to Democratic committees and candidates.

For instance, Hoffman, a tech luminary associated with Jeffrey Epstein, has directed significant sums towards Democratic committees and candidates since 2016, despite briefly backing Nikki Haley’s Republican presidential bid.

Similarly, Pritzker’s ties to the Democratic establishment extend to familial connections with Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a key ally of President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Stavis’ affiliation with the Left-leaning Anti-Defamation League underscores his ideological leanings, aligning with the PAC’s anti-Trump stance.

Despite the PAC’s reliance on Democratic funding, Longwell maintains that their campaign is not about bolstering President Biden. Nevertheless, the campaign has featured videos advocating for Biden’s candidacy, raising questions about its true intentions.

The targeted states for the Republican Voters Against Trump initiative include Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where Trump currently maintains a lead over Biden, according to polling averages from RealClearPolitics.

Democrats are desperate to make it seem as though Republicans don’t actually support Donald Trump and that it’s a small minority of the Republican voting base who are “MAGA Republicans” that are taking the entire party hostage.

Joe Biden himself has said in multiple speeches that the majority of Republican voters aren’t those “dangerous MAGA Republicans” who apparently want to watch the world burn. This is his way of trying not to demonize half the country, even though he very clearly does.

The truth, though, is that Donald Trump has more support amongst the Republican voting base than Joe Biden does with the Democrat voting base. Multiple surveys have shown how the vast majority of Democrat voters do not want Joe Biden to get a second term in the Oval Office.

Democrats are more than happy to work hand-in-hand with anyone who is a self-proclaimed “Republican” who will criticize Donald Trump no matter what.

Sure, there are legitimate criticisms conservatives may have of Donald Trump. But Democrats are just using the RINOs against themselves. Millions of dollars going into PACs like the “Republican Accountability PAC” or the “Lincoln Project” are ploys of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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