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Biden family and a drug kingpin strike a new unholy deal


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The corruption of the Biden family knows no end. They’ll even work with known drug dealers.

And now the Biden family and a drug kingpin have a new unholy deal you’ll never believe.

Recent revelations from the Government Accountability Institute shed light on a glaring omission by the Biden administration in its efforts to combat international drug trafficking. Despite a crackdown on crime groups associated with the surge in drug-related fatalities in the United States, a notorious drug kingpin, with direct ties to Hunter Biden, was notably excluded from the Department of Treasury’s “Fentanyl” sanctions list.

Established in response to President Biden’s executive order aimed at curbing the alarming rise in drug-related deaths, particularly from synthetic opioids like fentanyl, the sanctions list was meant to target transnational criminal organizations. However, conspicuously absent from this roster was the Taiwanese gangster known as “White Wolf.”

Chang-An-lo, who’s alias is “White Wolf,” boasts a criminal history deeply intertwined with transnational drug trafficking and organized crime. He was not only a former leader of the notorious triad gang but also a convicted drug trafficker. White Wolf’s association with Hunter Biden’s business partner, Ye Jianming, further complicates matters.

Together, they established a joint petroleum venture, with ties to a Chinese state-owned entity, raising questions about the extent of their collaboration in illicit activities.

In his revelatory book, Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, Peter Schweizer exposes the financial entanglements between Ye Jianming and the Biden family. Ye reportedly showered the Bidens with substantial monetary gifts, including a lavish diamond for Hunter Biden.

This financial relationship underscores the potential conflict of interest surrounding the Biden administration’s decision to exclude White Wolf from the sanctions list.

The Treasury Department’s criteria for inclusion on the sanctions list encompass individuals engaged in drug trafficking activities, irrespective of their association with specific criminal syndicates.

White Wolf’s extensive involvement in drug trafficking, including a major heroin shipment into the U.S., aligns with these criteria. Moreover, his affiliation with the Bamboo Union, a criminal organization notorious for human trafficking and drug trade, further underscores the urgency of sanctioning him.

The Bamboo Union’s role in facilitating the global proliferation of synthetic opioids like fentanyl, in collaboration with the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, highlights the magnitude of the threat posed by White Wolf’s criminal network.

Despite purported attempts to distance himself from the Bamboo Union, White Wolf’s continued ties to the organization, evident through his political party’s recruitment activities, raise serious concerns.

Instances of collaboration between White Wolf’s associates and other criminal organizations, such as the Japanese yakuza, underscore the interconnected nature of international organized crime. White Wolf’s son’s rendezvous with yakuza members in Japan further underscores the breadth of his criminal network.

The Biden administration’s failure to sanction White Wolf and his affiliates raises questions about its commitment to combating transnational crime. Given White Wolf’s documented involvement in fentanyl trafficking and his enduring ties to criminal syndicates, the decision to exclude him from the sanctions list appears perplexing and warrants further scrutiny.

The exclusion of White Wolf from the Treasury Department’s “Fentanyl” sanctions list, despite his well-documented criminal history and ties to the Biden family’s associates, underlines the complexities and potential conflicts of interest inherent in combating international drug trafficking.

Something about drugs just makes it impossible for Hunter Biden to stay away. Where ever he goes, so go the drugs right behind him. Does no one else in Washington, D.C. finds that odd?

What about the fact that no one ever found out who the cocaine found in the White House belonged to? Is it not interesting in the slightest that Hunter Biden was once a drug addict who may have intimate knowledge of why cocaine was found at the White House?

The scandals for the Biden family are getting too much to even keep up with, and yet they continue to get away with it. At least for now.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any news involving Hunter Biden and the drug kingpin known as “White Wolf.”


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