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“Devout” Catholic Joe Biden was just smacked by a bishop for one wrong move


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Joe Biden likes to pretend he is full of faith. Even his own Church’s leaders are angry with him.

And now Biden was just smacked by a bishop for one wrong move.

Anyone who knows what the Catholic Church teaches knows that Biden is anything but a faithful Catholic.

His Church teaches that abortion is wrong and it teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Where does Biden fall on those issues? Well, he called for the codification of Roe v. Wade after it was reversed by the Supreme Court:

One outspoken bishop, Michael Burbidge of Arlington, VA, called out Biden for the vast chasm between his supposed religious beliefs and his political actions then.

Now he’s doing it again.

Burbidge stated Thursday that President Joe Biden lacked integrity when he declared on Good Friday that March 31, 2024 — Easter Sunday — will be Transgender Day of Visibility.

“You can’t make up what Easter is. Everyone knows what Easter is. It is a celebration of the Lord Jesus, who raised from the dead, who took on the world and proved victorious. That’s Easter. You can’t pretend it’s something else,” Bishop Burbidge said on his Walk Humbly podcast.

“I was so extremely, extremely disappointed that our local officials and our president would use the most important religious observance of the Christian calendar to proclaim a message that is political… and a source of division,” Burbidge said in a statement.

“It was offensive to many people, and unnecessary.”

In the podcast, Burbidge also addressed White House supporters who claim that Transgender Day of Visibility has been observed on March 31 since 2009.

The fact is, Burbidge said, “we transfer holidays all of the time. We haven’t really talked about this day until it was on Easter, so I would tend to think that it was calculated and that is really, really sad, and it was offensive as Christians.”

“We should be celebrating all of human life, and I wish the president would join us in special occasions throughout the year where we do exactly that,” the bishop said, whereas Transgender Day of Visibility “just divides people and it hurts people.”

While the Church loves and accepts all people, “we cannot agree that anyone is someone other than who God created that person to be, nor can we agree with surgeries or other medical inventions to confirm what is not true,” Burbidge stated.

“God created us male and female, and that is the truth,” he went on to say.

Burbidge also cited recent statements by Washington, D.C., Cardinal Wilton Gregory, who referred to Biden as a “cafeteria Catholic” because of his pick-and-choose approach to Catholic teaching.

“If you’re for the Lord then you’re all in and that means following his gospel and embracing the gospel of life,” the bishop said. “You can’t pick and choose. And that’s not just for the president, that’s for all of us.”

It is “very disappointing” to witness a Catholic president “compromise who you are and who you believe,” he remarked.

“I think the average person, and people of goodwill, in the end, respect integrity. And seeing our president walking away from his faith, especially on Easter, and declaring no Easter symbols, declaring this Transgender Visibility Day, it’s very, very disappointing to say the least,” he added.

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