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Democrat leader’s newest push is so anti-American that even supporters are questioning it


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The radical Left cannot hide their hatred for America no matter how hard they try. But now things have crossed a line and people are infuriated.

Because a Democrat leader’s newest push is so anti-American that even their supporters are questioning it.

In the wake of the death of a young woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who was allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant, Democratic Congresswoman Hillary Scholten is facing criticism for her previous efforts to prevent the deportation of an Iraqi refugee accused of child mol*station.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Scholten practiced immigration law. She and her co-author, Maureen Sweeney, published a journal article for the St. Louis University School of Law in which they referred to deportation as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Scholten is a freshman congresswoman who successfully turned her district from Republican to Democratic in 2022.

According to court documents first reported on by The Midwesterner, Scholten fought to prevent the deportation of an Iraqi woman accused of mol*sting a 12-year-old girl starting in 2018.

Her actions as an immigration attorney seemed to align with her views expressed in the 2011 journal article.

When Scholten stood up for Azal “Mary” Saleh, an Iraqi immigrant and registered s*xual offender, she was in danger of being deported after being accused of child mol*station.

Saleh filed an appeal, claiming the Convention Against Torture protected her from being deported.

Saleh entered the country as a refugee in 2010 and resided in Michigan with a foster family, per court records.

According to court filings, Saleh was pushed into prostitution and r*ped while residing in the foster home.

After that, Saleh moved in with her caseworker, whose granddaughter subsequently reported that Saleh had mol*sted her.

This is the sort of person that the Left is trying to defend. The Liberal politicians in this country hate Americans, and they would rather defend criminals who have committed the most heinous of crimes.

Republicans in Michigan attacked the congresswoman and anyone attempting to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes after reading The Midwesterner report.

In an attack on Scholten on her own podcast last weekend, former Republican candidate for governor Tudor Dixon claimed that the Democratic representative “defends p*dophiles, keeps them in this country when they are illegal immigrants, [and] also wants to get ICE out of her county.”

Tim Walberg, a Republican who also represents Michigan, is Scholten’s fellow lawmaker from a district that is located closely south.

An illegal immigrant from Mexico was detained earlier this month on suspicion of breaking into a house in Walberg’s neighborhood and mol*sting two young girls s*xually.

In a statement to The Dialy Wire, Walberg said anyone who is “working to keep illegal immigrant s*x offenders in this country is radical and morally wrong.”

He said, “Sadly, Michigan is not immune from violent crime committed by illegal immigrants, whether that be Ruby Garcia’s murder or the s*xual assault of two young girls in my district a few weeks ago. Working to keep illegal immigrant s*x offenders in this country is radical and morally wrong.”

He then added, “We should be projecting a clear, unified message that this is not acceptable.”

We cannot allow this sort of madness to continue any longer.

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column for more of the TRUTH in the news.


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