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Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign plan has one major problem that’s getting worse


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Former President Trump may be the leading candidate for president. But that could change in an instant.

Because Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign plan has a major kink in its armor that Democrats are planning to exploit.

Whether or not conservatives like it, abortion will be a major factor for the 2024 election cycle and it will have an impact up and down the ballot. Now in a post-Roe v. Wade world, states all over the country have been working on legislation to either restrict abortion or enshrine it.

A number of states had “trigger” laws that made abortion illegal in the state as soon as Roe v. Wade was overturned with the advent of the Dobbs ruling from June of 2022. The trigger laws varied, but states like Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and South Dakota all had such legislation on the books that took effect.

California, meanwhile, was quick to enshrine abortion for the most part. There, you can pretty much get an abortion right up until birth so long as you say that it’s “for your health” and get any health professional to sign off on it.

In the battleground states, it’s become a major focus for the Democrats who are trying to do everything to appeal to the voters who have most obviously soured on the Joe Biden tenure in the Oval Office.

One of the most critical states to win in the 2024 election cycle is Arizona, and not just the presidential election either. The U.S. Senate race between GOP front-runner Kari Lake and Democrat Ruben Gallego is proving to be super close as well. And both races are sure to impact each other.

Kari Lake has been viewed as a Republican firecracker who is definitely on the political scene not to be another member of the Washington, D.C. bureaucrat class but rather to be someone who will shake things up. That, however, has brought her a ton of negative attention from the Big Media outlets who want to see her fail in everything she does.

In recent months, Kari Lake has decided to be less “divisive” than she has been in the past, but unfortunately, she’s playing into the hands of the political establishment by doing so. Just consider her most recent comments on the abortion issue.

The Arizona Supreme Court shocked the nation when they ruled that a law from 1864 was legitimate in the claim to ban abortion almost in its entirety. The Left lost their minds, of course without doing any real research into the legal claims made by the Arizona Supreme Court.

In response, Donald Trump said recently that he believes the abortion issue is one that should be left up to the states and the individuals. He also said he would not support any federalization of the issue with any sort of national abortion restriction at all.

That didn’t necessarily sit well with any of his supporters and he continued to receive heat from the Democrats, so it was a lose-lose statement, to be frank. It only served to give Trump’s opponents ammo on this issue.

Kari Lake is falling into this same trap. She said that while she personally wants to “choose life” she believes that “every woman” needs to have “more choices” as to whether she wants to end the life of the baby in the womb via an abortion.

“I chose life, but I’m not every woman. I want to make sure that every woman who finds herself pregnant has more choices so that she can make that choice that I made,” Lake said in a campaign video she released.

“I never would ever assume that any woman had the same exact feelings I had or situation I had. We know that some women are economically in a horrible situation, they might be in an abusive relationship, they might be the victim of r*pe,” she added.

If it sounds like she’s not really answering the question, you wouldn’t be wrong. She’s saying she doesn’t like abortion but she doesn’t want to catch the ire of the radical Left who want to paint her as an anti-women s*xist if she says abortion is wrong as it’s the murder of an innocent human and therefore should be illegal.

There’s a high possibility that an amendment to the Arizona state constitution will be up for vote come this November that will decide whether the citizens of the state want abortion to be legal in principle there.

The Left has their messaging down, to be frank. Anyone who acknowledges abortion is wrong is actually just a bigot who wants to control women. Kari Lake and Donald Trump are, unfortunately, shying away from just calling it as they see it.

By doing so, if the amendment appears on the ballot in Arizona this November, it’s incredibly likely that abortion will become enshrined in the state. That will only help the case of Joe Biden and the Democrats in the state. That would be a disaster, possibly giving Joe Biden the state in the presidential election, Ruben Gallego a term in the U.S. Senate, and the pro-abortion lobby a major win to boot.

The conservative answer to the issue of abortion truly isn’t a difficult one. Yes, abortion is ending the life of a human in the womb intentionally. Yes, outside of extremely rare circumstances like the life of the mother at stake, that’s the definition of murder. No, it’s unlikely that any abortion ban or restriction will be legislatively viable in Congress. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is never right to end the life of a human in the womb just because it’s convenient for the parents.

That’s the part that Kari Lake and Donald Trump are missing, and it could be their undoing.

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