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Speaker Johnson’s recent remarks have people on both sides of the aisle scrambling


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Mike Johnson has received scrutiny in recent days because of his role in a recent funding bill. But now, people are listening closely to what he is saying.

Because Speaker Johnson’s most recent remarks have people on both sides of the aisle scrambling.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has faced a difficult time since obtaining the gavel with members of both parties unhappy with his job.

But his recent comments have everyone re-evaluating their opinions.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) claimed that the White House was “caving” in to anti-Semitism, which he feels is receiving too much slack in the current Democratic Party.

In an interview with radio presenter Hugh Hewitt, Johnson stated that the absence of “strong leadership” from the White House and Democrats in Congress is currently a “real problem.”

“I mean, the White House is caving to the antisemitic — I call it the pro-Hamas wing of the party. Now they backpedaled on their support for Israel,” said Johnson.

Biden has backed aid for Israel and stated his “ironclad” support for the ally nation, but he has also taken steps that may lessen the fallout from pro-Palestinian allies, such as members of the Leftist House “Squad.”

Following a recent drone and missile attack on Iran, Biden reportedly forewarned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. would not back Israel in a counteroffensive against Iran. Biden also questioned Netanyahu’s strategy for fighting Hamas in Gaza.

Johnson also chastised Democrats in his conversation with Hewitt for not doing enough to denounce demonstrators who are calling for America’s “death.”

Johnson said, “They won’t call that out and some members, Democratic members of Congress, are even calling these anti-Semitic mobs peaceful protesters and defending the harassment, intimidation and all the rest.”

He claimed that “it’s really become a serious problem,” which most people across the nation would tend to agree with.

He warned that “they’re allowing mob rule to overtake the American ideals of free speech and the free exchange of ideas and in the free exercise of religion. This is not who we are.”

Johnson is also scheduled to visit Columbia University later on Wednesday.

There, a rabbi advised Jewish students to return home due to safety concerns arising from pro-Palestinian protests occurring in the surrounding area.

Acts of harassment and intimidation being reported at Columbia and other campuses are “disgusting and unacceptable” the speaker told Hewitt.

Johnson expressed support for removing government funding from colleges that are unable to control the situation and for removing student visas from foreign nationals who engage in “violent protests.”

“We’re calling upon and demanding these university officials to get control. This situation is just completely out of control right now,” the speaker said.

These comments highlight the state of the nation, and Johnson’s calls for the situation to be handled by the Democrats are echoed by many.

Joe Biden has allowed these ridiculous calls for the “death” of America for far too long.

We must act now before the radical Left destroys this entire nation.

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