HomeNewsA key 2024 endorsement threw Joe Biden's future up in the air

A key 2024 endorsement threw Joe Biden’s future up in the air


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Will Biden make it to the November election? That’s the question.

And now a key 2024 endorsement threw Joe Biden’s future up in the air.

Joe Biden has an image problem. Not only is he fighting a battle against Trump, he has to fight for his own voters.

In fact, Biden’s approval rating for the 13th quarter of his presidency is a historic low.

Not just for him, too. He is doing worse than all first term presidents from Eisenhower until present – including Trump.

Only 38.7% approve of his job, compared to 46.8% at the same point in Trump’s presidency.

It has led many to seek greener pastures, even if it means breaking with the Democrat Party.

And a major endorsement came in that could shake up the landscape.

Podcaster Joe Rogan said he would vote for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. because he “is a great person.”

During a Wednesday episode of his podcast, Rogan casually mentioned the endorsement without being asked.

In a censorship debate with comic Francis Foster and political commentator Konstantin Kisin, Rogan claimed that “there are no real quality human beings out there running for office” with one exception.

“The real problem is people that want that job [as a politician] shouldn’t have that job. There is a rare few. I think RFK is a great person; I would vote for him. I think Tulsi Gabbard is a great person; I would vote for her,” Rogan said.

“There’s people I think that are running for office, and they’re legitimately trying to do well for the world. They’re trying to make a better place. They think they have ideas that would sort out some of the problems that we have, and they’re one of us. That’s real.”

“You have to fight off that urge to control people. You have to recognize that if you’re in a position of power, whether you’re a cult leader or a president or whatever the f*** you are, there’s this desire to control people that gets people to that position in the first place, this ego that makes them think, ‘I should be the one that talks for the whole group. I know it’s better for all of them,’” Rogan went on.

“And as soon as you start using that in an unethical way like that like censoring people, especially censoring factual information from experts, you’re un-American. That’s un-American. It’s unpatriotic — in fact, it’s one of the grossest things you could do in a place that values free speech,” Rogan said.

The Kennedy campaign claims to be eligible for the ballots in Nevada, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Utah.

It remains to be seen if Kennedy will be on the Texas ballot, where Rogan lives.

Kennedy is running for president as an independent in November, after switching from the Democratic ticket midway through his campaign. Before commencing his candidacy, Kennedy worked as an environmental attorney.

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