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New report uncovers chilling Ukraine secret the Biden admin tried to hide


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The radical Left does everything they can to keep the truth from the American people. But this incident has people red with rage.

Because a new report has uncovered a chilling Ukraine secret the Biden admin tried to hide.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been in the news for years now, and many Americans have much to say about our nation’s role in the war.

While most people would agree that defending our allies and providing aid to friendly nations is good, many Americans wonder why a foreign country is receiving more attention than our own.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats have sent hundreds of billions of dollars to fund foreign wars, America has suffered significantly because of it.

Under Joe Biden’s leadership, the U.S. has suffered massive economic failures, a complete lack of any border security, rising anti-America protests across the nation, and a massive overall downward trend from Trump’s presidency.

Instead of taking time to address any of these problems, Joe Biden and the Left have decided to completely neglect the American people, and they have chosen instead to send hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars to foreign countries.

Many Americans have also been frustrated by the lack of transparency from the Left regarding what exactly we are paying for and funding in Ukraine.

But instead of being open and honest with the American people regarding what their taxpayer dollars are funding, the Left has been extremely quiet and have even made many secret moves.

And now, according to a new report, the Biden administration sent long-range missiles secretly to Ukraine last month in order to provide Ukrainian forces the ability to strike deeper into portions of the country that Russia has captured.

Because of its longer range of about 200 miles, Ukraine has been requesting the transfer of “a number” of Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS), which the United States approved on Wednesday, according to a Politico story.

Because of worries about its own domestic supplies and the possibility that Ukrainian forces would attack Russia and spark a retaliation, the Biden administration had previously refused to sanction them.

However, the site reports that the Biden administration intends to transfer additional funds in a fresh $1 billion aid package to Ukraine now that Congress has passed a $61 billion aid package.

The story claims that Ukrainian forces have already fired the missiles twice, most recently at Russian forces close to the Sea of Azov and against a Russian military base in Crimea, which Russia invaded in 2014.

In addition, 155mm artillery rounds, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Javelin anti-tank weapons, Claymore anti-personnel bombs, and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles would be included in the latest aid package.

The article stated that President Joe Biden approved the transfer due to Russia’s more aggressive tactics and increased output.

These strategies included employing missiles supplied by North Korea and attacking Ukraine’s electrical grid.

According to a government official who spoke with Politico, the administration thought that offering Ukraine ATACMS would threaten Crimea, which Russia uses to resupply its forces and house its Black Sea Fleet, and give Ukraine some additional impetus in the conflict.

The representative claimed that while the weaponry by themselves wouldn’t “change the character of the battlefield,” Ukraine now possesses a tool that “creates impact” and “gives them an advantage.”

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column for updates on this developing story and more.


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