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Radical plans for illegal aliens to vote has sparked massive outrage


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The Left has been flooding the nation with millions of illegal aliens in recent years. And now we know why.

Because radical plans by the Left to encourage illegal aliens to vote have been uncovered, and Americans are outraged.

In a move that has sparked considerable controversy and legal scrutiny, the Board of Elections in Washington, D.C. recently conducted a training session specifically designed to educate illegal immigrants on how to participate in D.C. elections.

This event, titled “Non-Citizen Voting Education Virtual Training,” openly prepares non-citizens, including those illegally residing in the U.S., to vote starting in 2024.

Documents unveiling this training were brought to light by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, which sought clarity on any materials related to voter training for illegal immigrants.

The findings have raised alarms about the integrity of elections in the nation’s capital, signaling a potential shift in electoral policies that traditionally have been the privilege of American citizens.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, expressed his concern about the implications of such training sessions:

“Illegal aliens and noncitizens should not vote in any elections,” he stated. “That Congress allows the votes of citizens to be legally stolen by illegal aliens in our nation’s capital is inexcusable.”

The sentiment was echoed by Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy, who criticized the D.C. city government’s progressive stance on the matter.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Roy highlighted the slippery slope that such policies represent.

“The radical progressive Democrats in the DC city government couldn’t be prouder of the fact that they’re going to have illegal aliens voting in their elections,” Roy remarked.

“Yet, they want us to believe that it’s going to stop there and that none of them are going to try — or be encouraged — to illegally vote in federal elections? Give me a break.”

The concern here is not merely hypothetical.

The precedent set by allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections raises questions about the safeguarding of federal elections.

It poses a serious challenge to the integrity of the electoral process, potentially diluting the power of the American vote by extending it to individuals who have not entered the country through legal channels.

In response to these concerns, Congressman Roy has championed the SAVE Act, legislation aimed at tightening the security of federal elections.

The SAVE Act seeks to ensure that only American citizens can vote in federal elections by requiring proof of citizenship at the polls.

It also mandates that all states verify that their voter rolls do not include illegal immigrants, with stiff penalties for election officials who fail to comply, including up to five years in prison.

While the push for the SAVE Act gains momentum, several cities across the United States, including Washington, D.C., are moving forward with plans to enable illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

This development is part of a broader trend that sees local jurisdictions attempting to expand voting rights to non-citizens, a policy that drastically diverges from long-standing federal election laws that reserve this right for citizens.

The documentation provided by Judicial Watch from the D.C. training event outlines specific instructions on where and how these newly eligible voters can cast their ballots.

This move, while localized, sets a concerning precedent that could have broader national implications, challenging the boundaries of electoral eligibility.

As cities like D.C. proceed to implement these changes, the response from federal lawmakers and the public will likely intensify, shaping future discussions and policies regarding voting rights and electoral integrity in America.

We must stand up for our rights, and we cannot allow the radical Left to take away votes from citizens in order to help illegal aliens.

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