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Democrat Senator admits stunning truth regarding Biden’s border plans


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The Left tries to blame the border crisis on Republicans. But now we know their secrets.

Because a Democrat Senator admits the stunning truth regarding Biden’s border plans.

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN News Central, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) revealed that the current negotiations for a border bill in the Senate originated from Republican requests.

Despite the GOP’s involvement and initial agreement on a bipartisan solution, Murphy claimed that Republicans backed out due to influence from former President Donald Trump.

While Murphy emphasized that Democrats also consider border security crucial, conservatives argue that the Democrats’ record shows otherwise.

“Remember, the entire reason that we entered into this bipartisan negotiation was at the request of Republicans,” Murphy said.

“Republicans said, we want to pass bipartisan border security legislation. They appointed a negotiator, Sen. McConnell (R-KY), the leader of the Republicans, was in the room, and we negotiated for four months.”

Senator Murphy highlighted the extensive bipartisan efforts that took place, revealing that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was directly involved in the discussions.

He noted that after months of detailed negotiations, an agreement was reached that addressed all the priorities set forth by the Republicans.

“We delivered on every single priority that Republicans asked for, the leadership of the Republican Senate Caucus signed off on the final product,” Murphy stated.

Murphy asserted that the deal fell apart when former President Donald Trump intervened, instructing Republicans to halt progress on the bill.

According to Murphy, Trump’s rationale was to maintain the border crisis as a political issue for the upcoming elections.

“Then Donald Trump said, stop, don’t pass any border security legislation, because I want the border to be a mess for this election, and Republicans turned on a dime,” Murphy explained.

Despite Murphy’s claims, the Democrats’ track record on border security tells a different story.

Since President Biden took office, the southern border has been inundated with illegal crossings, causing unprecedented chaos and endangering American communities.

Conservative lawmakers argue that the administration’s policies have created a de facto open border situation, with disastrous consequences for national security and public safety.

Murphy’s assertion that “we think border security’s important” rings hollow given the Biden administration’s actions, which have often prioritized the rights of illegal immigrants over the safety and well-being of American citizens.

The crisis has strained border patrol resources and placed immense pressure on border states dealing with the fallout of lax immigration enforcement.

The proposed border bill aimed to address various aspects of border security and immigration control.

While specific details of the bill were not disclosed during the interview, it is known that the bipartisan efforts focused on tightening the asylum process, enhancing border security measures, and dealing with the migrant crisis more effectively.

The involvement of both parties was intended to create a balanced approach that could gain wide support and lead to tangible improvements in border management.

However, conservatives are skeptical of the Democrats’ commitment to these goals, citing past efforts that have failed to deliver real results.

The ongoing influx of illegal immigrants suggests that more robust and enforceable measures are needed, not just bipartisan platitudes.

The failed attempt to pass the border bill highlights the ongoing political struggle surrounding immigration and border security in the United States.

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