HomeNewsAn incriminating report just shot down the Left's chances in 2024

An incriminating report just shot down the Left’s chances in 2024


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The election is coming up quick. And it’s shaping up to be a landslide.

And now an incriminating report just shot down the Left’s chances in 2024.

According to recent studies, immigrants have accounted for the majority of job growth in recent years, while American-born workers continue to struggle in the aftermath of COVID limitations.

President Joe Biden and his allies have lauded employment growth figures, but detractors point to a significant disparity between how native-born and immigrant workers are faring under the present government.

The astonishing data was revealed in the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation Report, which was released on Friday. The BLS is part of the United States Department of Labor.

According to federal government research, the number of employed native-born workers fell by 663,000 last month, while the number of employed foreign-born workers increased by 414,000.

The BLS study also states that, according to Steven Camarota, Ph.D., Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), “there were only 971,000 more U.S.-born Americans employed in May 2024 compared to May 2019 prior to the pandemic.” This information was released on Monday.

Meanwhile, the number of employed immigrants has “increased by 3.2 million,” he stated.

According to CIS, employment of American-born Americans has decreased during the last year, while foreign-born employment has surged significantly.

“Biden claimed in April that the United States has ‘the best economy in the world’, with a job market that the New York Times calls ‘historically strong,’” Camarota wrote.

“Unfortunately, too many U.S.-born are missing out on the supposed ‘job-creation boom,’” he continued. “It is true that the country has added millions of jobs since the height of Covid. However, most of that employment growth has gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal.”

Biden’s backers, on the other hand, have attempted to portray the government’s recent labor statistics report as a win for the current administration.

An X (formerly Twitter) account for the president’s struggling re-election campaign posted on Friday: “A very strong 272,000 jobs were just added to the economy in May. This is a big surprise. This was not expected.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-CA, a Biden supporter, also stated, “The Biden Presidency is a jobs presidency.”

Buzz Patterson, an author and Air Force veteran, reacted to Swalwell by simply asking, “For whom?”

Patterson highlighted a Fox News broadcast that presented employment change numbers for May 2024, broken down by immigrant and non-immigrant Americans.

Nate Hochman, an author and columnist, seems to agree with Patterson’s statement.

“The Biden administration continues to cite their job growth numbers as evidence that there’s simply no good reason for Americans to feel as bad as they do about the economy,” Hochman wrote on X. “There are a lot of new jobs. They just aren’t going to native-born Americans.”

Meanwhile, CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian examined a POLITICO headline titled “Trump allies attack strong jobs report as bad for ‘native born Americans.'”

“Why the scare quotes?” Krikorian asked on X. “This is a simple fact.”

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