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Barack Obama got down on his hands and knees for this insane reason


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Just when you thought you had heard the last of Obama, he rears his head. And you won’t believe what he just did.

Because Barack Obama got down on his hands and knees for this insane reason.

Former President Obama urged digital influencers to use their large online audiences on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms to support President Biden’s re-election campaign, regardless of their political differences.

The former president reminded influencers that while they may not agree with all of Biden’s policies, they should still support them.

“Joe Biden, you may not agree with everything he does,” Obama said at a Biden campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday, according to Axios.

“By the way, you didn’t agree with everything I did. And that’s OK. Because in a big, messy, complicated country like this, there are going to be disagreements.”

“I need you guys to use your influence, and it doesn’t have to be boring,” Obama stated to them.

“I don’t expect you to have a bunch of charts and graphs,” he replied.

Obama said that they might need to employ “humor” to keep people interested as they scrolled through TikTok videos and Instagram feeds.

The Biden administration has received strong criticism from the Left, particularly among college students and young voters, for its handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Large student protests, which began at prestigious campuses such as Columbia University, have highlighted ongoing splits within the Democratic Party.

Obama noted that social media users are rarely engaged in partisan politics.

“We live in a cynical time,” he stated, according to Axios. “Let’s face it: I think a lot of the people who watch you, listen to you, who are fans of you — a lot of times they feel turned off by the political discourse.”

“I get it,” Obama told the group, also giving insight into his media consumption. “You know, I frankly watch sports, mostly. Because it feels like everything is slash and burn.”

“But Joe Biden’s basic trajectory — what he believes in his core … nine times out of 10, he’s going to make decisions that accord with your core beliefs,” Obama stated.

According to the Biden campaign, Biden’s Los Angeles event has already generated over $28 million and climbing, making it the largest fundraiser in Democratic Party history.

The haul outperformed a fundraiser with Biden, Obama, and former President Clinton in March at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, which raised $26 million.

A New York Times/Siena College poll published in April indicated that former President Trump is reducing Biden’s lead among young voters.

Biden’s support among young voters has dropped 14 points from his 2020 election showing in April.

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