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Donald Trump has Democrats reeling with the way he just changed the election


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The DNC headquarters is in damage control mode. Donald Trump has them by the neck.

And the Democrats are completely reeling with the way he’s just changed the 2024 election.

Skepticism Surrounds Polls Showing Trump Gaining Ground with Black Voters

In recent weeks, polling data has sparked debate and skepticism among liberal pundits and Democratic leaders, as it suggests former President Donald Trump is making significant inroads with Black voters. Despite the data, many are dismissing the possibility outright.

Questioning the Polls

Prominent Democrats, including Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., have expressed doubt over the accuracy of these polls. During an interview on Politico’s Deep Dive podcast, Clyburn highlighted discrepancies in past polling as a reason for skepticism. He referenced the Maryland Senate race where polls showed Angela Alsobrooks trailing significantly, only for her to win decisively. “Something is amiss with the polling,” Clyburn stated, pointing to a 20-point deviation as evidence that current polls could be similarly flawed.

The notion that Trump could secure substantial Black voter support has been met with ridicule by some. “Anybody who believes that Donald Trump will get 30% of the Black male vote or 12% of the Black female vote — I got a bridge down there on Johns Island I’ll sell you,” Clyburn quipped. He also criticized the media for propagating these poll results without critically examining their validity.

The View co-host Sunny Hostin was equally dismissive, pointing to historical data showing strong Democratic loyalty among Black voters. She cited figures indicating 81% of Black men and a vast majority of Black women support the Democratic Party, asserting that this trend would continue despite current polls suggesting otherwise.

Divergent Views and Data

While Hostin mocked the notion of Black Republicans being as rare as “unicorns,” her co-host Sara Haines acknowledged a downward trend in Biden’s Black voter support. Haines noted a drop from 92% in 2020 to 77%, according to a Pew Research survey from May. This decline, however, does not convince Hostin, who maintains that Black voters will rally behind Biden as they have in the past.

Contrasting opinions within the Democratic camp reveal a divide on how seriously to take these polling figures. CNN’s Harry Enten described Trump’s apparent gains as potentially “historic,” emphasizing a significant shift from single-digit support in 2020 to 21% in current polls. Conversely, former South Carolina state legislator Bakari Sellars dismissed these findings as “poor polling,” arguing that such results are improbable.

Mitch Landrieu, co-chair of Biden’s campaign, also downplayed the threat, stating, “There’s no universe in which Donald Trump is going to get 21 percent of the Black vote.” Despite acknowledging the importance of polling, Landrieu stressed that it often fails to capture the true sentiment of the electorate.

Black Voter Sentiment

Amidst the poll debates, the actual sentiment of Black voters reveals a broader dissatisfaction with the current political landscape. A Pew Survey conducted in May found that nearly half of Black voters would prefer to see both Biden and Trump replaced on the ticket. This discontent suggests that voter turnout could be impacted, with some choosing to abstain rather than support either candidate.

Sunny Hostin encapsulated this sentiment on The View, arguing that the real issue is not Black voters choosing between Biden and Trump but rather between voting and staying home. This apathy towards the available options reflects a broader disillusionment within the Black community.

As the 2024 election approaches, the impact of these sentiments and polling data remains to be seen. What is clear, however, is that the Democratic Party faces a challenge in maintaining the strong support it has historically enjoyed among Black voters.

In recent weeks, the Trump campaign has been working overtime to continue to double down on the gains they are making with reliably Democrat voting groups, like black voters and hispanic voters.

It appears there’s some Democrats who are more close to the Biden campaign who are trying to pretend like there’s been no real shift and that Joe Biden is in no danger of losing a landslide come November, while other Democrats are simply facing the facts and the data that Trump is doing better with so many groups than anyone thought possible.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major updates from the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign.


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