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The Pentagon is on high alert after this classified information leaked


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Operational security in the Biden Executive Branch is at an all-time low. It’s almost as if all information is on the table for the taking.

And now the Pentagon is on high alert after this classified information leaked.

Remember when America’s secrets used to stay secret?

Look, no one is against whistleblowers bringing attention to the very real abuses of the government.

But when information that should be kept under wraps, like our military technology, is exposed, how can anyone defend that?

Well now Biden’s administration has done it again, letting all of our enemies get a glimpse into our superior hardware.

A top-secret U.S. submarine prototype weapon called the “Manta Ray” has been discovered by sharp-eyed Google Maps users and remains visible to the public online, raising concerns about the Biden administration’s handling of sensitive military projects.

Satellite images showing the futuristic-looking vessel docked at Port Hueneme naval base in California went viral on Sunday, its distinct profile standing out against the other ships at the dock.

The sleek, autonomous vessel was named after the manta ray for its smooth design and its capability to anchor itself deep underwater while operating in low-power mode.

Developed by Northrop Grumman as part of a U.S. Navy project to create long-range underwater weapons, the Manta Ray is a highly advanced underwater drone that can hibernate on the sea floor for “very long periods” without needing to refuel.

It uses “efficient, buoyancy-driven gliding to move through the water,” explained Dr. Kyle Woerner, Manta Ray program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), in a news release.

“Our successful, full-scale Manta Ray testing validates the vehicle’s readiness to advance toward real-world operations,” Woerner added.

“The craft is designed with several payload bays of multiple sizes and types to enable a wide variety of naval mission sets.”

The modular design allows it to be disassembled and transported in standard shipping containers, removing the need for specialized port facilities.

Despite these technological advancements, the Biden administration’s inability to keep such top-secret projects under wraps raises serious security concerns.

The Navy spent over three months testing the craft off the coast of Southern California, according to The Telegraph.

Defense analysts believe the Navy’s drive to develop drone technology is a strategic move to counter Russian and Chinese submarine activities.

Russians have been working on their own underwater drones and last year announced plans to acquire nearly three dozen such vessels.

Russia claims its drone has a range of about 6,200 miles, can be armed with nuclear weapons, and can reach speeds of up to 100 knots, or about 115 mph.

The Biden administration’s poor leadership and failure to safeguard critical defense assets could potentially undermine U.S. strategic advantages.

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