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Donald Trump is about to cut off Joe Biden’s lifeline


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President Joe Biden is hanging on by a thread. Trump’s about to put that to an end.

Because Donald Trump is preparing to cut off Joe Biden’s lifeline once and for all.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has been performing way better than anyone ever expected him to with key Democrat-favored voting blocs like the Hispanic vote, the youth vote, and the Black vote. Political survey experts and statisticians say that his outperforming expectations with those blocs is probably the biggest factor for why he is now a favorite in the national election surveys in the likely hypothetical he faces off against Joe Biden come November.

At this point in the election cycle in 2020, Donald Trump was ten points behind Joe Biden in the national surveys, meaning Trump is now anywhere between ten and fifteen points ahead of schedule this time around as compared to the 2020 election.

Of course, that 2020 election ended up being razor close. Joe Biden just barely got by, and most statisticians say that if you were able to run a simulation of the 2020 election one hundred times, Trump and Biden would likely win about fifty times each. It was well within margins of error, which is what, of course, led to the contention from the Trump corner about election integrity.

Donald Trump now being in a similar stature as Joe Biden in the national surveys means he is on the path for a resounding electoral college victory and on his way to a second term in the White House. There’s one key demographic he’s targeting and trying to siphon away from the Biden corner. That is the Black vote.

Trump Gains Ground Among Likely Black Voters Ahead of November Election, NYT/Siena College Poll Reveals

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll released on Wednesday shows former President Donald Trump capturing a notable share of likely Black voters as the November election approaches. According to the poll, Trump is garnering support from 26% of likely Black voters, a substantial increase from the mere 5% support he had from Black registered voters before the last presidential election in June 2020.

The poll highlights a prevailing sense of dissatisfaction among likely Black voters with the current state of the country under President Joe Biden. A significant 67% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, while only 26% think it is on the right track.

Despite this shift, a majority of likely Black voters still identify with the Democratic Party. The poll shows that 57% of them consider themselves Democrats, 30% identify as independent, and only 8% align with the Republican Party.

Van Lathan, a former TMZ personality, provided insight into this trend during an interview with Don Lemon. Lathan explained that Black Americans are gravitating towards Trump because he embodies the “most crystal-clear example of the American Dream” and they do not feel particularly inspired by Joe Biden. “They don’t see things changing in their neighborhoods, and the political promises they’re aware of from Joe Biden, they can see very obviously that they didn’t happen,” Lathan remarked.

Historically, Black Americans have overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates. In the 2020 presidential election, 87% of Black voters cast their ballots for Biden, while Trump received 12% of their votes, according to the Roper Center. In the 2016 election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton secured 89% of the Black vote, with Trump obtaining just 8%.

The trend is particularly pronounced in key swing states. A March Wall Street Journal poll revealed that 30% of Black men registered to vote indicated they would definitely or probably support Trump in the 2024 election, while Biden garnered support from roughly 57%.

Michael Bocian, a pollster, emphasized the importance of this demographic for Biden’s campaign. “Biden is further off than where we have seen Democrats in the past,” Bocian told the Wall Street Journal. “I think winning back more Black men is going to be key for him.”

Interestingly, Donald Trump’s favor within circles of Black voters has improved ever since he has faced the initial conviction in the Manhattan trial which hit him with a guilty verdict on 34 different felony charges. Many Black voters are now wondering if Donald Trump is being unfairly treated by the justice system as so many Black men and women have been in history.

Furthermore, the facade of the Democrats to be the savior of the Black community is cracking. It’s no longer believable that the Democrats will save Black voters from those “evil” white Republican men when it’s Joe Biden who has made the most incendiary statements about Black people over the years.

He literally told a Black man that if he didn’t vote for him, he wasn’t Black. That was just the start of the eye-opening process. Now, years into the Joe Biden administration, so many Black voters are seeing how little he’s done for them and how much worse off they are financially as a result of Joe Biden’s policies.

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