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U.S. Senator’s private investigation of Biden admin’s criminal scheme turns back horrifying conclusion

Joe Biden and the Left hate America. But no one expected them to go this far. And a U.S. Senator's private investigation of the Biden...

Chuck Schumer is pulling his hair out after learning how the GOP put him in a check mate

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has had his time in the sun. Now his time's run out. And Chuck Schumer is absolutely livid after learning...

Sudden attack on Lindsey Graham shuts down Capitol Hill

There are plenty of people in politics who will stoop to any low to get what they want. But this is beyond the pale. And...

Supreme Court Justices attacked by unhinged Democrat in Congress

Washington, D.C. is being run by a bunch of animals. The zoo of bureaucrats has gotten out of hand. Because now Supreme Court Justices have...

House GOP leaders make a stunning move that has the Biden admin terrified

The Biden administration thinks that they are untouchable. But things are not as they seem, and American patriots are fighting back. And House GOP...


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