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Kamala Harris lost her mind in this vulgar rant

Vice President Harris is one of the most disliked politicians in the country. Things are about to get worse for her. And now Kamala Harris...

The White House is panicking after Joe Biden made a complete fool of himself

The end is near for the reigning president and his lackeys. Everything Joe does seems to point to this reality. And now the White House...

Biden’s brain broke on camera and now Democrats are having a cow

The Democrat Party was already worried sick about their chances in 2024. And good ol' Joe is making it even worse. Because his brain broke...

Trump’s shocking new comments show just how scared Democrats really are

The radical Left acts like they have the election in the bag. But the situation is much different. And Trump’s shocking new comments show just...

Joe Biden has a twist for the 2024 election from this one law he signed three years ago

Donald Trump is definitely the leading presidential candidate. But that could change on a dime. Because Joe Biden has a twist for the election courtesy...

The Biden campaign is on red alert after this Democrat enters the 2024 presidential race

Joe Biden has a difficult path ahead for reelection. But that path has only gotten harder. And the Biden campaign is on red alert after...


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