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U.S. Congressman exposes Biden’s assault on America’s water supply

We're used to seeing Biden hamstring immigration officials and placate terrorists abroad. But this is something we've never seen before. And a U.S. Congressman exposed...

Biden’s newest policy decision shows just how scared he really is

Joe Biden is not known for policies that benefit America. But now, people are wondering what he is up to. And Biden’s newest policy...

Chilling terror reports from southern border have the entire nation on high-alert

Ever since Joe Biden took office and undid all of Trump’s strong border policies, our nation has not been secure. But now, things have...

Leaked messages from the Biden White House threaten to obliterate Joe

The Biden administration has gone completely off the rails. Now we have the transcripts. And these leaked messages from the Biden White House threaten to...

This Republican just shot to the top of Trump’s VP list in a surprising twist

All eyes are on who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate. But we might finally have an answer. And this Republican just...


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