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Liberal mayor has finally had enough; cracks down on harmful liberal policies.


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Liberal leaders across the country have finally realized that Democrat policies are actually hurting their communities. Many of them realize it but seem not to care, but others have started acting.
And now, a liberal mayor has finally had enough and cracked down on harmful liberal policies.

A new policy by Boston’s Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu has cracked down against the homelessness epidemic that is taking over her city.

Starting November 1, police will have the authority to dismantle a homeless encampment known as the “Methadone Mile” at the corner of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue in the southern area of Boston.

The area has an extremely high crime rate which has prompted the liberal mayor to approve the process of dismantling the tent city.

According to a new report in the Boston Herald, the occupants of the “Methadone Mile” have been notified of the change in several different languages.

The report also notes that any newcomers to the area will be met by resistance from both social workers and law enforcement and pointed in a different direction.

We told local reporters, “There is no magic wand in a very complex, long-standing challenge that cities around the country are facing with the opiate crisis, homelessness, mental health, but we know that in Boston we have a very good sense of, not only who it is that needs services, but also how to most effectively connect people with those services.”

Wu plans to use a three-pronged approach to solve the problem and it all begins with law enforcement dismantling the tents and tarps in the area.

She says she will then plan to direct people to social services and connect them with housing and other such services to ensure that the same issue will not happen again.

City Council President Ed Flynn told reporters about his desire for a “zero tolerance” approach to the mounting issue at the “Methadone Mile.”

On Friday, Flynn told the Herald “We have rules in place, and people need to follow the rules. If they break criminal laws, they need to be arrested and prosecuted.”

The police commissioner has backed the idea and said, “We want to make it clear to the people who come to the city with a different intent, whether it’s to sell drugs or criminality, or to victimize the people that are in these areas, we’re not going to allow that.”

The recent ordinance by Wu has come in the middle of Joe Biden’s migrant crisis that is also overrunning the blue city with illegal immigrants.

Earlier this month, the state announced that they were on track to hit capacity for their shelters which is about 25,000 people.

Democrat Governor Maura Healy has said that “federal policies on immigration and work authorization” are the main cause of the massive influx.

One Republican state rep has said, “We’re spending just an enormous amount on housing these migrants that come in, yet we’re seeing these tent cities pop up. There’s no room at the end for anybody else.”

Across the nation, we are seeing the result of liberal policies that are overwhelming cities and states and causing people to become worried for their safety and livelihood.

More and more Democrats are turning against each other because of the liberal policies that are overwhelming their lives.

Americans are seeing the consequences of liberal leaders and people are starting to realize exactly what the Democrats are doing.

America is waking up, and we are pushing back against these harmful and destructive policies.

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