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Shocking video shows Hillary Clinton being attacked by a protestor during her speech


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The former first lady and secretary of state has seen it all in politics. But this was the last thing she wanted to experience.

And a shocking video shows Hillary Clinton being attacked by a protestor during her speech.

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, she’s been making public appearances to rack up cash and spew her radical Leftist ideology.

And during a speech at the Institute of Global Politics at Columbia University, Clinton was doing more of the same before being approached by an angry heckler in the crowd.

“Can you please – can you make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech? This is a clearly warmongering speech,” the protestor said.

He was upset with Clinton for being a supporter of Biden’s national security strategies for Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel.

“President Joe Biden is calling for $100 billion of funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, and we’re supposed to just bundle these together and pretend like we’re going to rush to World War III, and we’re all just going to let Hillary Rodham Clinton sit here,” the man continued.

Hillary Clinton, flustered, responded, “This is not the way to have a conversation. You’re welcome to come talk to me afterwards.”

Obviously the speech in which the protestor was referring to was his Oval Office speech last week where he requested funding for for his $105 billion security package for Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel. This comes in the wake of the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel.

The heckler wasn’t done lobbing attacks towards Clinton, however.

“The fact of the matter is that the American people’s voice are what needs to be heard because our president is not speaking for the American people and neither are you.”

“Yeah they are being heard. Well, that’s your opinion,” Clinton responded.

“I’m going to exercise my free speech,” the protestor said, until Clinton butted in saying, “But it’s not free speech when you are disrupting everybody else’s opportunity to speak.”

At one point during the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton told voters that if Donald Trump were to win the presidency, he would plunge the United States into war.

Now that Joe Biden is commander-in-chief, wars have broken out across the war, and Clinton is in support of his failed foreign policy.

Democrats are showing yet again that they are hypocrites and don’t actually do what they preach when it comes to domestic and foreign policy.

Thankfully, there’s people like this protestor who are willing to call them out on their lies and hypocrisy.

You can watch the exchange below:

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