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The hosts of The View turned on Joe Biden in a shocking way


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Democrats are in trouble for next year’s presidential election. Biden isn’t giving them any assurance things will go their way.

And the hosts of The View turned on Joe Biden in a shocking way.

ABC’s The View has been a major cheerleader for Democrats over the years.

But now the Left-wing program is having trouble throwing their support behind President Biden ahead of the 2024 election.

Host Sara Haines explained on an episode of The View that Democrats don’t have any options to replace Biden in the midst of his worsening poll numbers.

Haines’ cohost Ana Navarro, brought up the topic by saying that Biden’s supporters need to do their due diligence in helping the president rise in the polls.

Navarro said the current polls regarding the president, are “a wake-up call to organize, to mobilize, to register people, to talk about the accomplishments of this administration.”

“Stop clutching your pearls and get to work,” Navarro said.

But Haines responded to her cohost by adding that Democrats are in bad place with potential replacements for Biden.

“With all the disclaimers about polls in general, I do think these numbers were really echoing what we’ve been hearing lately, of people saying they had concerns of certain things,” Hainse said.

“I see it more as a campaign strategy, because I think the privilege of another candidate is just not there. What’s the – when they talk about Biden stepping down, what’s the next choice? Where do you go from there?”

Haines then brought up the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris is doing even worse in the polls than Joe Biden, and may be a worse option for Democrats should she run at the top of the ticket.

“Because now you talk about Vice President Harris, who is polling, if we could go with the polling, even worse. But you can’t step over her, so what are you doing in this one-year runway?”

It’s mildly amusing to see the hosts of The View panic over the fact that President Biden and Vice President Harris aren’t the superstars they thought they’d be.

But what’s not amusing is that the Biden administration was put into place by people like the ladies of The View who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket in 2020.

And now Democrats will have to possibly sweat out a close election that could very well be a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

That is unless The View is able to help Democrats find a better candidate that could replace Biden, but that’s not likely.

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