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Shocking new legal case brought against Biden administration has the White House cornered


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The Biden administration has been facing serious questioning from many around. And many times they are able to brush things under the rug.

However, this shocking new legal case brought against Biden, has the White House cornered.

The crisis on the US border, specifically the southern border, has led to considerable outrage and even Biden’s own allies are begging for help.

People are demanding a change to the immigration laws and lawmakers across the nation are in desperate need of help.

Some politicians and leaders in certain states, however, have decided to take matters into their own hands to secure their states.

Texas is one state that sits right on the southern border and has been severely affected by the massive influx of illegal immigrants, and they decided to do something to secure their state.

Texas agents set up wire and other barriers to block illegal immigrants from entering their state.

However, the federal government decided they did not like that, and Biden sent people to tear down and destroy these barriers and allow fully free and unhindered access to the United States.

Now, the Attorney General for Texas has sued the federal government for their role in dismantling their barriers and safeguards.

In the suit, Paxton states that “agents of CBP have cut Texas’s concertina wire barriers placed at strategic border crossing locations.”

He added that “Federal agents not only cut Texas’s concertina wire, but also attach ropes or cables from the back of pickup trucks to ease aliens’ ability to illegally climb up the riverbank into Texas.”

Joe Biden really is set on destroying America and the economy and he doesn’t care even the slightest about the immigration and border crisis.

When the Biden administration sent people to cut the wire originally, Gov. Abbott of Texas immediately sent the National Guard to restore the damaged areas.

This isn’t the first time the state of Texas has had to fight the federal government over border crossing barriers.

They had also deployed buoys to deter illegal crossings but a federal judge ordered them removed; thankfully, an appeals court declared that Texas could keep the buoys.

Paxton’s lawsuit declared that border officials have “encountered approximately 458,000 aliens at the border in FY2020. That number swelled to over 1.7 million encounters in FY2021 and nearly 2.4 million in FY2022.”

Because of these absurdly high number and even more violence and crime at the border, Texas took things into their own hands to secure their own border yet Biden has refused to allow them even that.

Our corrupt president and his whole administration are keeping the US border wide open so that illegal immigrants can flood our country and destroy the lives of countless Americans.

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