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Biden border policies lead to terrorists entering the US with explosives


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Joe Biden’s border policies are horrible, and the US has been feeling the consequences. With so many people in both the Republican and Democrat parties, many were hoping for change.
But instead, Biden’s border policies have led to terrorists entering the US with explosives.

During a recent press conference, the Senate Republican Conference chairman John Barrasso said, “We have just returned from our southern border, and it is painfully clear that with Joe Biden’s open border policy, our country is really at an increased threat for a terrorist attack.”

He warned that Border Patrol agents had stopped immigrants carrying explosives that were “tailored for terrorism.”

Following a recent trip to the border, Senator Pete Ricketts stated that the United States was “opening ourselves up for a terrorist attack.”

Senator Ted Cruz has also commented on the border situation saying that Border Patrol agents are “frustrated” because “they risk their lives catching dangerous people, and they turn around and their political superiors just let them go.”

Cruz added “And the next day, they go back and catch the same people all over again.”

Another scary fact is that many minors are accompanied by men and it is unclear whether or not there is any relation to the children.

“We know under the Trump administration when they DNA tested grown men with children about 30% of them were not related to the kids. That’s because you get preferential treatment if you arrive as a family unit,” Cruz said.

These recent statements come shortly after Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas revealed that over 600,000 people got away at the border in the 2023 fiscal year.

“What the Border Patrol tells us… is there’s no consequences associated with illegal entry in the United States,” Senator John Cornyn said.

“And these criminal organizations that smuggle people and drugs are smart. They know how to exploit our system,” he continued.

Joe Biden recently asked Congress to approve an additional $14 billion in funding for the border crisis that he claimed would be used to help solve the problem.

However, the truth is, the money would only make issues worse.

Biden promised to use the funding for things like housing, legal services for illegal immigrants, and other programs that encourage illegal immigration into the US.

Barrasso has claimed that it is simply ”money to make people come in easier.”

McConnell told reporters, “It’s pretty clear that the supplemental that was set up is just a starting place,”

He added, “We’re going to go over it with a fine tooth comb, as you can see is a lot of passion among our members without having a credible border security provision in there, and we’re going to make other changes as well.”

The crisis at the US border is one that Democrats can no longer avoid, and solutions need to be brought forth immediately.

Especially in a time of so much unrest across the world, the US needs to secure its border and address the immigrant problem that is affecting the lives of millions.

The American people have had enough and we are starting to fight back against the Radical policies that are destroying this country.

America needs strong leaders who will put the needs of their citizens over violent and illegal immigrants who are bringing explosives into America.

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