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Donald Trump folded over in laughter over what MSNBC just said about him


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Big Media outlets are obsessed with former President Donald Trump. They’re still losing their minds.

And now Donald Trump has folded over in laughter over what MSNBC just said about him live on air.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow asserted on Monday that former President Trump’s reelection campaign revolves around the promise of him becoming a sort of dictator capable of putting an end to politics in the United States.

Maddow, in conversation with Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary and her colleague at MSNBC, argues out that Trump’s appeal lies not in youthfulness or eloquence but instead in increasingly transparent dictatorial ambitions communicated to his base.

“What he’s offering is what he inherently and now explicitly presents – that if chosen, it marks the end of politics,” Maddow remarked. She went on to summarize the potential outcome of a Trump victory in the 2024 election, suggesting it would lead to the collapse of the American political system.

According to Maddow, under Trump’s leadership, voters would be spared from dealing with political complexities, contested elections, and power struggles. Instead, they would have a strongman leader who would operate without the constraints of traditional politics.

Maddow paraphrased Trump’s reelection pitch, stating, “You’ll have a strongman leader, and I’ll just do what I want. Won’t that be a lot simpler?” Despite accusations that he and the Republican Party are undermining U.S. democracy, Trump denies such claims. Maddow argued that the Republican base is enthusiastic about Trump’s strongman model, setting him apart from other candidates, and cautioned against underestimating his intentions to act as a dictator.

In outlining Trump’s offering, Maddow emphasized strongman leadership, the termination of politics and elections, and the sidelining of major government branches like Congress and the Judiciary. She asserted that Trump’s supporters are eager to buy into this vision.

You can watch the clip below:

Trump, countering accusations in a speech hosted by the New York Young Republican Club, dismissed claims of being a threat to democracy as a “hoax” and a “new idea.” He attributed such allegations to deflect attention from issues like inflation, a fragile economy, and the looming possibility of a severe economic downturn.

This is yet another example of complete and total delusion that stems from being obsessed with former President Donald Trump.

The Fake News Media spent years and years making cable news a one-stop shop for all the hate you could possibly stomach for Donald Trump and anyone remotely in his political orbit.

They clearly haven’t gotten their fill. If anything, it’s only going to be worse should Donald Trump win another term in the Oval Office which is appearing more and more likely.

Recent polls suggest that Donald Trump is up over Trump in the overall national general vote by as much as six to twelve points. That number has only swelled over the last few months as well.

Anything can happen with there still being about ten months until Americans go to vote for who they want to be in the White House for the next four years. Everyone knows how easy it is to hide the truth about how flawed many political surveys are.

But it’s hard to ignore that Joe Biden is seriously underwater, and the Fake News Media seems to be preparing for their worst nightmare to come true.

Which really makes you wonder if the Democrats are going to have enough pressure to pull the plug on the Joe Biden reelection campaign before it’s too late.

Conservative Column will be updating our readers on the 2024 election cycle as it progresses.


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