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White House data shows the real state of the nation and it’s scary


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The current administration is a complete disaster and a failure. And they are trying to hide the truth.

But now, White House data has shown the real state of the nation and it’s scary.

Everyone knows that Joe Biden and his administration have destroyed America.

The economy, the border, jobs, inflation etc… the list goes on.

And even as the radical Left tries to cover for Biden and they claim that he is a great President, the truth is much more bleak.

A new report has shown the stark truth: Joe Biden’s average job approval rating is the lowest of any U.S. president since Jimmy Carter.

The average approval rating, 39.8%, was revealed by a Gallup poll during Joe Biden’s third year (from Jan 20, 2023 to, Jan 19, 2024).

The Hill reported that this is the worst job approval rating since Jimmy Carter was president over forty years ago.

However, even then, Jimmy Carter’s ratings were not much lower than Biden’s at 37.4%.

Radical Leftists like to point to Donald Trump’s job approval ratings and point out that his were not very good.

However, Donald Trump had a global shutdown and some of the worst layoffs and job insecurities this nation has ever faced.

And even with all of that factored in, Donald Trump’s rating in his third year was 42% which is better than Joe Biden.

The Gallup poll pointed that ever since September 2021, after the disastrous pull out from Afghanistan, Biden’s approval rating has fluctuated from the high 30s to low 40s.

Even as Joe Biden continues to preach his failed message of “Bidenomics,” the data speak for itself.

The abysmal economy that has been destroyed by the radical Left is now the top issue among voters.

Joe Biden thinks he can get re-elected by lying to the people and trying to make us believe his economy is amazing, but anyone with even half of a brain can see the truth.

The reality of the situation in America is one that should both frighten and awaken all Americans.

We cannot sit idly by as Joe Biden and the Left take away everything this nation stands for.

The average American is struggling more now than they ever have and the economy is becoming so crippling that people are becoming desperate.

The data and the polls speak for themselves: we are sick of the destruction, and we will not watch any more time pass with this oppressive regime in power.

The election season is upon us, and we must take to the polls to elect leaders who will put the needs of America and the people first.

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