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Donald Trump announces massive changes coming to the Republican Party


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Trump will likely be the Republican nominee for president this year. But that doesn’t mean he has no quarrels with the Party.

And Donald Trump announces massive changes coming to the Republican Party.

Former President Donald Trump made an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, where he discussed changes that will take place for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Specifically, Trump discussed how there will “probably be some changes made” for the RNC and Ronna McDaniel, the current chairwoman.

The former president did clarify that he has “nothing to do” with the RNC but was not opposed to go into detail about McDaniel and the job she’s done as chairwoman when asked by host Maria Bartiromo about her performance.

“I think she did great when she ran Michigan for me,” Trump said after pausing to answer Bartiromo’s question.

“I think she did OK, initially, in the RNC. I would say right now, there’ll probably be some changes made.”

A few days before the interview came out, the RNC posted its Federal Election Commission filing for the year 2023.

The filing showed that the RNC had it’s worst fundraising numbers since 2013. And when those numbers were adjusted to account for inflation, the committee had it’s worst fundraising numbers since 1993.

The GOP’s poor performance in elections in 2020, 2022, and 2023, has brought forth reports of Trump being upset with McDaniel’s job as chairwoman.

Yet at the same time, he’s been complimentary of her, particularly after she was reelected in January 2023. Trump labeled her reelection as a “big WIN.”

Democrats have been able to fundraise incredibly well as of late.

This is the opposite of how Republicans have been able to raise money, which is probably why Trump is growing dissatisfied with McDaniel.

Former GOP presidential candidate and current Trump supporter, Vivek Ramaswamy, has openly called for McDaniel to be removed from her post, a stance other Republicans have held as well.

But kicking the RNC chairwoman to the curb less than 6 months before the Republican National Convention could be unwise.

All hands on deck are needed to defeat President Biden and the Democrats this November, so infighting over firing Ronna McDaniel could derail those efforts.

It’s true Republicans have underperformed under her leadership.

But the solution could end up being worse than the problem itself, especially if the RNC becomes incredibly disorganized – right before a presidential election no less – in the wake of McDaniel’s removal.

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