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Joe Biden put the military on red alert by making this critical mistake


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President Biden’s lack of attention has consequences. It’s putting national security at risk.

And the U.S. military is on red alert because of this utter failure by Joe Biden.

Following the expiration of preventative measures by the Biden administration and U.N. members, Reuters claimed in a report published on Wednesday that Iran is reportedly shipping sophisticated missiles to Russia.

Reuters reports that Russia and Iran have been strengthening their military ties in recent years, with Russia being sent hundreds of ballistic missiles from Iran and Moscow preparing to send fighter jets and helicopters in return. The United States and its European allies chose not to do anything to keep Iran’s missile transfers limited once U.N. sanctions were set to expire in late 2023.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, stated on Wednesday, “It was always a matter of when – not if – Iran would transfer ballistic missiles to Russia. Make no mistake, the country with the largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East is now furnishing the Russian Federation with its most lethal weapons.”

Reuters reports that Iran sent multiple missile shipments to Russia in January, with further shipments anticipated in the weeks ahead. Both parties reached an agreement for the shipment in late 2023.

“There will be more shipments,” a confidential Iranian official shared with reporters. “There is no reason to hide it. We are allowed to export weapons to any country that we wish to.”

Reuters reports that Russia has acquired 400 ballistic missiles from Iran, with a range of approximately two to five hundred miles. In addition, Russia is reportedly planning to send fighter jets, attack helicopters, and pilot training aircraft to Iran. Despite Iran’s initial denial, it has supplied Russia with thousands of military drones.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the two countries have been becoming more and more involved with each other. In order to avoid U.S. sanctions and strengthen its position on the global stage, Tehran is looking to Moscow for assistance.

Taleblu stated that the alliance with Russia is still yielding results for the Islamic Republic who are willing to take on risks.

According to Taleblu’s organization, the shipments have taken place following the expiration of sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council. These sanctions had previously barred Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests or transferring any related technology.

The sanctions were meant to remain in place until October 2023, but the Biden administration and their European allies let these sanctions lapse.

Iranian ballistic missile testing and transfers can now proceed “legally,” so to speak.

Among the many allegations leveled against the Biden administration is that it took a soft approach toward Iran, allowing Tehran to earn billions of dollars through loosening oil sanctions and paying “ransom” for five Americans who were wrongfully incarcerated in Iran.

Despite the Biden administration’s best efforts, detractors argue that Iran will not be prompted to be less aggressive by its policies.

Simply put, the Biden administration’s foreign policy has been the blackest spot on the White House regime’s resume thus far.

That’s saying a lot considering Joe Biden’s approval ratings are very low across the board on a whole host of issues including the economy and immigration.

Americans are simply not very fond of the idea of Joe Biden getting another four years in the White House and potentially putting American security at risk with the commander-in-chief well into his 80s now.

As many have said, it’s not the age that’s the problem. It’s the fact that he is seemingly incapable of standing in front of a camera for more than two minutes without making an embarrassing gaffe for all to see.

It’s not just Biden’s critics pointing that out either. Even many Democrats are speaking out about the danger of a second Biden tenure.

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