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Supreme Court Justice brutally attacked by crazy woman


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There’s a real war against the Supreme Court being waged. The Left wants to destroy the integrity of the High Court.

And now a Supreme Court Justice has been brutally attacked by a crazy woman.

Was there any more of an atrocious politically-motivated attack on a Supreme Court Justice nominee than when Brett Kavanaugh had his character ripped to shreds and dragged through the mud as Leftists claimed he was some sort of serial s*xual assaulter?

The so-called “victim” Christine Blasey Ford was on the forefront of all of this nonsense, of course. She claimed that decades ago they were at a party and that Brett Kavanaugh under the influence of alcohol, decided to s*xually assault her out of the blue.

Brett Kavanaugh denied this categorically, but the Left already had their reason to hate him. It didn’t matter that there was no contemporaneous evidence to suggest that Brett Kavanaugh had committed any such crime. What mattered was that the Democrats in the U.S. Senate could get their radical Leftist base to hate Kavanaugh with a passion in the name of the “Me Too” movement.

Kavanaugh would secure enough votes to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the Left still believes he should be removed from the High Court bench because of this unsubstantiated claim of a crime that allegedly took place decades ago.

Now Christine Blasey Ford is back to kick a dead horse once again. She’s insisting that she knows Kavanaugh is guilty and isn’t fit for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a new book from Christine Blasey Ford, Mrs. Ford claims that Kavanaugh is a liar and that he “must know” what he did to her more than four decades ago now.

“The fact is, he was there in the room with me that night in 1982,” Mrs. Ford alleges in her new book titled One Way back.

She’s so certain of this that she says the moment he denied any wrongdoing against Mrs. Ford during a Fox News interview back in the fall of 2018, she new he would be a lying Supreme Court Justice.

“Once he categorically denied my allegations as well as any bad behavior from his past during a Fox News interview, I felt more certainty than ever that after my experience with him, he had not gone on to become the consummately honest person befitting a supreme court justice,” Christine Blasey Ford adds in her book.

What’s most interesting in her book, though, is that she does admit she expected Brett Kavanaugh to literally step down and give up in hopes that he wouldn’t be harassed by an investigation.

She says she expected him to “step down to avoid putting his family through an investigation or further scrutiny” and also said that it would mean they would both avoid the “trouble” of the allegations.

Later in the book, she also contradicts herself. When asked how she would react to Kavanaugh apologizing to her, she says that she would accept the apology if he told her that he may not remember the crime but is sorry for it anyway.

“All I can guess is that if he’d come to me, really leveled with me, and said, ‘I don’t remember this happening, but it might have, and I’m so sorry,’ it might have been a significant…”

So she says she’s certain that he “must know” what he did to her, but at the same time she would accept an apology in which he says he doesn’t remember committing any crime at all against her?

Why would he admit to a crime he doesn’t think he committed anyway? That’s just outright insanity.

The truth is in what she said about what she wanted to happen when she came forward with these wild, unsubstantiated claims. She wanted Kavanaugh to go way.

She wanted Brett Kavanaugh to just give up and be a loser who would let someone making truly insane and unfair claims against him get their way.

No one knows why she decided to come forward right when he was being nominated. She says it’s because she didn’t want him to be a Supreme Court Justice knowing what she knows. But without any evidence, how can that be trusted? From an unbiased perspective, it’s hard to ignore the possibility she was just a tool of the radical Democrats trying to prevent conservatives from obtaining ideological control of the High Court.

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