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Alarming photo of Joe Biden has Democrats in a full fledged panic


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The president’s age is catching up with him. There’s no telling how much longer he can perform the duties of commander-in-chief.

And an alarming photo of Joe Biden has Democrats in a full fledged panic.

President Joe Biden is now 81-years-old and is obviously not getting any younger.

There’s been tons of concern over the years about the condition of his mental and physical fitness.

But a new photo as well as a report has been released that will only amplify those concerns.

According to a post on X from RNC Research over the weekend, “Biden’s handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of ‘lifestyle sneakers’ because he trips so much.”

The video that RNC Research shared as part of the X post, was an Inside Edition report which describes the president’s shoes as being “designed for maximum comfort and support while walking or hiking.”

Specifically, the name of the show is the “Hoka Transport” and it has a “wide sole,” which is “no doubt great for stability,” according to Inside Edition’s report.

“The shoe bears the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Association for being beneficial to foot health,” the report continued.

Biden is in need of a shoe like this because of his multiple falls over the years as president.

Recently he stumbled while he climbed the stairs of Air Force One.

Back in February it was reported by the New York Times that a Secret Service agent is positioned at the bottom of the Air Force One stairs in case Biden is to fall again.

The stairs to Air Force One that Biden uses are shorter than the normal ones because of his history of tripping on them.

President Biden has also fallen other times that don’t include climbing stairs.

While appearing onstage for the commencement of the Air Force Academy in 2023, Biden tripped and fell over, prompting people to rush to his aid.

Sure, the president’s new shoes may help him avoid tripping in the future.

But it’s quite concerning that the nation’s leader is in need of such shoes because of his poor physical fitness.

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