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Radical Supreme Court Justice makes a disturbing statement that spells doom for future of America


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The radical Left hates America, and they are doing everything they can to destroy this great nation. But now, they have taken things too far.

And a radical Supreme Court Justice has made a disturbing statement that spells doom for the future of America.

Recently, the Missouri attorney general filed a lawsuit in Murthy v. Missouri, alleging that the Biden administration had violated the First Amendment by working with social media companies to censor and suppress speech on those platforms by American citizens.

Oral arguments in the case were just heard by the Supreme Court.

The meaning of coercion and Missouri’s standing as the case’s plaintiff were the main topics of the justices’ interrogations.

However, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson believed that the government should have the authority to censor speech under certain circumstances.

“My biggest concern is that your view is that you have the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways in the most important time periods. I mean, what would you have the government do?” said Justice Jackson.

“I’ve heard you say a couple of times that the government can post its own speech, but in my hypothetical, ‘kids this is not safe, don’t do it,’ is not gonna get it done,” she continued.

She then added, “So I guess, some might say that the government actually has a duty to take steps to protect the citizens of this country and you seem to be suggesting that that duty cannot manifest itself in the government encouraging, or even pressuring platforms to take down harmful information.”

Essentially, Jackson believes and is arguing that the United States government can suppress free speech whenever it wants to as long as there is a major event or crisis.

As long as our radical government deems that free speech is unsafe for American citizens, they can suppress the truth.

This very same argument was used by the Biden administration every time they have silenced or suppressed the truth.

Anything that goes against their narrative, and anything that doesn’t push their agenda can be suppressed and silenced in their opinion… as long as they deem it unsafe for Americans.

What kind of dystopian nightmare are we living in?

This is America, where each and every legal citizen has the right to free speech engraved in our Constitution.

The government does not get to decide when and how and where we can speak.

Yet government lawyer Brian Fletcher asserted that government representatives informing social media companies that their algorithms are dangerous, fit within the category of how the government can use its power to compel private parties to perform in a legal manner.

He maintained that the “bully pulpit” is a tool that the government might employ to promote or discourage certain beliefs.

We must put an end to this oppression, and we must stand up for our rights.

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