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New Health Crisis Emerges on Joe Biden’s Watch


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Another tragedy is on the horizon. Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought this on.

As a new health crisis has emerged all on President Biden’s watch.

The end of Roe v. Wade was a momentous time in American history that, in the eyes of millions, marked the end of an absolutely atrocious legal precedent that was wrongly decided back in January of 1973.

The ruling remained on the books as the law of the land when it came to the issue of abortion, but even so-called “progressive” legal experts knew that it had shaky legs ever since the beginning. Eventually it would fall under the weight of scrutiny.

That it did. Less than fifty years later, which is not a long time for a major case that was ruled 7-2 in the first place, Roe v. Wade would be effectively overturned by the 2022 Dobbs ruling in which the High Court of the United States ruled 6-3 that the United States Constitution does not necessarily enshrine the right to abortion as the Left had been claiming for decades.

The end of Roe v. Wade was a proud moment for millions of pro-life Americans who have watched in horror as millions upon millions of innocent babies in the womb have been snuffed out by the Abortion Lobby and doctors trying to make a quick buck.

But there’s another horror that’s taken its place and may be even worse than anything anyone could’ve imagined back when Roe v. Wade was ruled in the 1970s.

With Roe v. Wade off the books, state legislatures that are Republican and conservative-controlled are passing laws that ban abortion either entirely or after a certain age of the baby like six weeks.

In response, however, Democrats are trying to get women who are in these red states to abort their baby by taking a simple pill. In fact, this form of an abortion known as a chemical abortion, now accounts for more than 60% of all abortions in the United States today.

Chemical abortion counts have increased by more than 50% since 2020 alone, and abortions in total are back on the rise to the tune of 10% from 2020 and 2023.

The National Review reports:

Chemical abortions accounted for 63 percent of all abortions last year, up from 53 percent in 2020 and 39 percent in 2017, according to new research from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion policy-research organization. The study also found that the overall number of abortions increased in 2023, even as twelve Republican-led states passed laws limiting access to the procedure. The research does not include abortions managed outside the health-care system or abortion medications mailed to women in states where abortion is banned.

The reason for this? Well there’s a ton. Chemical abortions have been new to the scene since about the late 2010s. But that’s not the only factor. Joe Biden’s had a hand in this as well.

Joe Biden’s executive policies have loosened the restrictions on these dangerous drugs that are used to abort innocent babies.

The National Review also reports:

The rise in medication abortion is partially attributable to the Biden administration’s looser regulatory standards surrounding the use of mifepristone, a hormone blocker commonly used with medication misoprostol for medication abortion.

In 2021, the Food and Drug Administration permanently lifted rules requiring patients to obtain abortion pills in-person from certified health-care providers. As a result, women seeking abortions are allowed to receive the pills by mail, a practice being challenged at the Supreme Court.

Currently, there’s a bunch of lawsuits making their way through the legal system debating the legality of these chemical abortion pills and whether the FDA has the authority to rubber stamp them as they have been for years now.

What shouldn’t be lost in any of this is that chemical abortions have been proven to be extremely dangerous for the women who are taking them as well. Studies have proven that chemical abortions are way more dangerous than the “traditional” (for the lack of better words) method of surgical abortions.

The Lozier Institute has found that chemical abortions have complication rates about four times that of surgical abortions. Furthermore, 15% of women will experience some form of hemorrhaging after taking an abortion pill. 2% will have an infection after a chemical abortion.

Those are extremely high complication and side effect rates that, for any other medical case, would be far, far too much to stomach and bring to the market.

But now there’s hundreds of thousands of women in the United States taking a dangerous pill that, not only ends the innocent life of a baby in the womb, but also will put the health of the woman taking the pill at risk as well.

If that’s not a health crisis, we don’t know what is.

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