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Mexico’s president just blackmailed Joe Biden and now the White House is in chaos


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The last thing Biden needs is bad news. His feeble body and spirit just might not be able to take it.

And Mexico’s president just blackmailed Joe Biden and now the White House is in chaos.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, claimed in an interview over the weekend that if the Biden administration did not give in to his demands, he would open the floodgates of illegal immigration to the United States’ southern border.

He made the remarks during a 60 Minutes interview while discussing the situation that has evolved on the United States’ southern border under President Joe Biden, which has been aided by the Mexican president’s refusal to do anything to slow illegal immigration crossing his own southern border.

The piece did not discuss how Biden’s actions sparked the southern border problem and how he has refused to address the issue.

But what else would you expect from 60 Minutes?

The Leftist president demanded earlier this year that if the United States wanted assistance in combating the millions of illegal aliens crossing the southern border, it must give tens of billions of dollars per year to Latin American countries, grant work visas to ten million illegal aliens in the United States, lift sanctions on socialist Venezuela, and end the embargo on communist Cuba.

Most of these demands are just dead-on-arrival.

The most rational one would be to give work visas rather than citizenship to illegal aliens, but even that is a betrayal of our own laws.

Why should those who have no respect for our laws and country be given a reward?

Lifting the sanctions and embargo on Venezuela and Cuba are ridiculous demands, if for no other reason than it has nothing to do with Mexico.

Is President Obrador trying to act as diplomat for other foreign powers? Maybe he should focus on shoring up his own country’s failing infrastructure and drug cartel problem.

But he can’t, that’s why he’s begging for billions of dollars from the U.S. – not to solve his country’s issues, but to deliver payoffs to allies and himself.

And guess what? If we don’t follow his demands to the letter, he said he’ll do everything in his power to hurt America.

The Mexican president claimed that the decrease in the number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border between December and January was due to actions he took, which he promised to reverse if his demands were not met.

“If they don’t do the things that you said need to be done, then what?” AMLO was asked.

“The flow of migrants … will continue,” he responded.

When asked if he viewed his actions as “diplomatic blackmail,” he responded: “I am speaking frankly. We have to say things as they are, and I always say what I feel. I always say what I think.”

So…yes, it’s blackmail. What a class act.

You can watch his exchange down below. That is, if you can stomach it:

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