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Supreme Court Justice accuses Democrats of blatant election meddling


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Supreme Court Justices usually stay quiet for the most part. But every once in a while, someone will speak up.

And now a Supreme Court Justice has had the guts to accuse Democrats of blatant election interference.

Millions of Americans on both ends of the political spectrum feel as though there were some bad actors involved with the 2020 election cycle. Whether or not that’s true is besides the point. There’s just no getting around the fact that plenty of voters now feel as though election integrity is to be questioned every time an election is held.

Especially when so much of voting now includes a weeks-long process with mail-in voting. As much as the government swears that mail-in voting is entirely secure, the fact remains that Americans don’t have any surety that the individuals sending in their mail-in ballots are voting in an entirely safe manner. That’s impossible to know for sure. If there’s no election officials present, there’s no pure integrity of the vote. Simple as that.

Mail-in voting remains a contentious aspect of the 2020 election cycle, and continues to be a debate for the 2024 cycle and the future of elections in America. It’s not just far-right “MAGA Republicans”, as Joe Biden likes to label with denigration in mind, who are suspicious either. Plenty of government officials all over the country in local, state, and federal levels feel this way.

In fact, a Supreme Court Justice from Texas, the Honorable John Devine, has questions that remain about election integrity. This past winter, John Devine appeared at a Texas Tea Party Republican event as the main speaker for the evening.

During his speech, Justice John Devine was unafraid to say that he has questions about 2024 election integrity, particularly on the part of Democrats playing fair and square. He seemed to imply that Democrats did not play fair and square in 2020.

“Do you really think the Democrats are going to roll over and let Trump be president again?” Devine asked of the audience, rhetorically, that evening. “You think they’re just going to go away, all of a sudden find Jesus and there will be an honest election? I don’t think so.”

Watch this clip from his speech below:

Of course, the radical Left is absolutely prepared to (figuratively) burn John Devine at the stake for these comments, daring to question overall election integrity in America. That’s a question no one is allowed to ask, according to those on the Left.

Even though the clip is from December, Leftist activists are trying to drum up hoopla over this nothing-burger in an attempt to get John Devine kicked from the Texas Supreme Court bench.

Some are even calling for violence against John Devine, but you’ll never see any condemnation of that on the “peaceful” and “open-minded” radical Left. Because when it’s political violence that lines up well for them, they turn a blind eye.

Why is it that anyone who is a conservative is not allowed to question the validity and integrity of American processes and institutions, but the Left is allowed to do that all day, everyday, and twice on Sundays?

You may remember back in 2016, the Left was screaming from the rooftops that the election was tipped in Donald Trump’s favor due to “Russian election interference”. Hillary Clinton herself made comments seemingly implying that she believed there was nefarious behavior involved with that election cycle as well.

If anything, there’s more of a reason to question the validity of the 2020 and 2024 election cycles given how much more prominent the role of mail-in voting is becoming compared to previous elections!

The simple fact remains that no one is present during mail-in voting. Would we ever let students take all of their tests at home, no matter how much “security” was promised, if there was no one proctoring the tests? Absolutely not! Students must be proctored to ensure that there is no cheating!

So why is it so hard to understand that every single vote that is cast in our elections should be proctored? If anyone suggests otherwise, as the Democrats do, those people can’t be trusted. It’s really quite simple.

The fact that plenty of states require a valid reason to be able to request a mail-in ballot implies that there’s a clear difference in the integrity of mail-in voting as compared to in-person voting! Funny how common sense works like that.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any 2024 election security and integrity news.


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