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Ron DeSantis makes bold announcement that could change the entire 2024 election


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Ron DeSantis has been quiet since dropping out of the presidential race. But he has been up to some major moves.

And now, DeSantis has made a bold announcement that could change the entire 2024 election.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has made quite the name for himself since taking office just a few years ago.

He has taken on the radical Left in numerous ways, stood up for America, continued putting his state and citizens first, and has become a front-runner in the past two GOP presidential primaries.

However, DeSantis recently dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Trump, but since then not much has been heard from him.

But now, he seems to be carrying on the fight in his home state of Florida, and he has a warning message for the Left during this election cycle.

In an interview conducted over the weekend, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that the state has changed from being a swing state to a GOP stronghold going into the 2024 presidential election as a result of the work he has done in office.

DeSantis made the comments when discussing the large number of Americans who have relocated to Florida in recent years from other states during a Sunday interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

DeSantis said, “When I became governor of Florida [we] had never had more registered Republicans than Democrats in state history,” DeSantis said to host Maria Bartiromo.

“And we were close to 300,000 fewer Republicans and Democrats, this is 2018. Today, we have close to 900,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats. So you’re talking about a million plus voter registration shift.”

“And yes, part of that, I think is a response locally, where people are more likely to switch from Democrat to Republican in Florida, non party to Republican than vice versa and that’s been an important component of it,” he added.

“But I do think that migration has skewed amongst people who come to Florida, not because they want to change the policies to reflect in Illinois, or California or New York, but because they appreciate how Florida has done it different from where they’re coming to. And so I think that’s contributed to this really record thing,” DeSantis continued.

“Florida is off the board,” he warned the Left.

“It is a Republican state, you’ve covered politics. We used to be a one point state, every election hung on how would Florida go, that is not true anymore. And and I think that’s a good thing for the party.”

Over the past few years, Americans have been fleeing radical states like California, and many people have been seeking refuge in Florida.

The Left is losing support by the tens of thousands, while states like Florida are gaining massive amounts of Republican supporters.

Even while the mainstream media tries to portray many states as “swing states” or “battleground states” the truth is much different.

These states are firmly in the hands of Republican voters, and the Left has no hope of “swinging” any of these states.

Joe Biden and the Left are in for a rude awakening this fall: America does not want any of their radical policies or agendas.

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