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Democrats are in a panic after an incriminating report hit Biden’s desk


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With the election right around the corner, there isn’t much room for error. But it looks like Biden doesn’t know how to avoid crucial mistakes.

And Democrats are in a panic after an incriminating report hit Biden’s desk.

Any honest observer can see that Joe Biden’s policies aren’t working.

Americans everywhere have two things on their mind: the economy and immigration.

Meanwhile, Biden and his associates keep trying to pretend that “Bidenomics” is growing the economy and there is no problem at the border.

That might be fine to placate his base of rabid supporters, but looking at all of the facts paints a much different picture.

The Federal Reserve is still hesitant to slash rates as Biden-driven inflation continues to stay high.

Rents and mortgages have increased along with groceries, and Americans are hurting.

As for the border, most know that the situation is at best a mess and at worst an invasion.

The White House has stopped trying to win over Americans. Instead they are trying to convince Latino voters that Biden is helping them by allowing more to flood this country.

But even they aren’t buying it.

According to the most recent Axios-Ipsos Latino Poll conducted in collaboration with Noticias Telemundo, the number of Latinos who support building a border wall and deporting all undocumented immigrants has increased by at least ten points since 2021.

The findings imply that former President Trump’s proposals for increased border security, as well as his anti-immigrant rhetoric, are being heard even among those with immigration ties.

The findings also reflect the dissatisfaction that has made illegal immigration a major election-year concern for many Americans, as well as the Republican Party’s recent gains among Latino voters.

The poll comes as Trump’s criticism of immigration raises concerns about violence during the 2024 campaign.

Trump has promised to strengthen border security if he returns to the White House, as well as to carry out mass deportations of up to one million individuals.

President Biden, who has taken a political beating over border security, now says he is willing to “close the border” in response to an increase in the number of border crossings.

42% of Latino individuals polled stated they support constructing a wall or fence along the whole U.S.-Mexico border. That is a 12-point increase from December 2021.

38% support returning all undocumented immigrants in the United States to their home countries, up from 28% in 2021.

Furthermore, 64% of Latinos said they support granting the president the ability to close US borders if there are too many immigrants attempting to enter the nation. This was the first time the survey posed this question.

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