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Liberal judge makes disastrous immigration decision that has Americans horrified


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The radical Left does not care about America, and they have made that very clear. But still, people could not believe they would take things this far.

And now, a liberal judge has made a disastrous immigration decision that has Americans horrified.

By now, America and the entire world can see the truth behind the radical Left’s agenda: they do not care about America or the people who live here.

Instead, the Left only cares about pushing their agenda and they do not care who or what gets in the way.

One major way this has been seen in recent years has been the way the Biden administration has handled the immigration crisis facing the United States.

Under Donald Trump, immigration was done safely and legally, and the process was carried out well.

However, as soon as Joe Biden took office, we saw an immediate reversal of many, if not all, of Donald Trump’s immigration policies that kept America safe and secure.

And because of this, under the direction of our radical, corrupt, and oppressive leader Joe Biden, our nation has opened its border to attack and danger.

Instead of encouraging legal immigration, the Democrats have encouraged illegal immigration no matter the consequences.

And because of this, our great nation has faced extreme hardship in the form of rising crime, drugs, and economic hardships as many areas struggle with the burden of massive amounts of illegal immigrants all at once.

But now, the Left has taken things a step too far in their recent decision.

A court in El Paso, Texas, dismissed the cases of 140 undocumented immigrants on Monday.

The charges stemmed from an incident earlier this month in which the undocumented immigrants attacked border patrol personnel at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although the majority of illegal immigrants are given a court date several years in the future and released into the U.S., all 140 are still facing federal charges related to their unauthorized entry into America.

For these people, the Biden administration frequently provides complimentary flights to towns and states all throughout the nation.

El Paso Times reports that County Court Judge Ruben Morales decided that neither the state troopers nor the Texas Department of Public Safety had provided sufficient evidence to establish probable cause to charge the individuals engaged in the April 12 incident.

Judge Morales said, “After reviewing the affidavit, I don’t believe that [probable cause] exists.”

He added, “I don’t believe there is probable cause for these individuals to continue to be detained for the offense of riot participation.”

While El Paso Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Vandenbosch contended that by “waiting for someone to cut the concertina wire,” they knew exactly what they were doing, El Paso County Public Defender Kelli Childress noted that the affidavit made no mention of anyone actually witnessing the defendants participate in the riot.

After the hearing, Childress clarified that the district attorney’s office might still indict the undocumented immigrants on riot charges at a later time, calling it merely “one step” in the process.

The group will shortly be moved from state to federal jail so that the charges related to their illegal entry can be handled.

Because one of the other two illegal immigrants was already in federal detention and the other was charged with criminal mischief rather than taking part in a riot, their cases were not dropped even though they were charged alongside the larger group.

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