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Democrat state attempts to break the Electoral College and Republicans are freaking out


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Leave it to the Left to get up to crazy shenanigans behind the scenes. But this is beyond the pale, even for them.

And this Democrat state attempted to break the Electoral College and Republicans are freaking out.

Right after the 2020 election, Democrats spent years until even now talking about conservatives as election deniers.

Put aside the fact that they cried when Trump won in 2016 and called him illegitimate.

Put aside that they tried to push George W. Bush out of office for the same reason decades ago.

And put aside that they changed countless election laws in the lead-up to the election and allowed widespread mail-in voting.

Well, now Democrats are trying to circumvent the Electoral College entirely.

Democratic Maine Governor Janet Mills approved a law last week that aligns her state with New York and California in an effort to destabilize the United States Electoral College.

Mills did not sign or reject LD 1578, allowing it to become law nonetheless.

“Under the legislation, Maine joins the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact [NPVIC], which would only take effect if the coalition secures pledges for at least 270 electoral votes – the threshold needed to elect a president,” according to a press release issued by Mills’ office.

Maine has become the 17th state to join the contentious NPVIC, according to Mills’ approval without her signature. With its four electoral votes added, the total number of electoral votes currently stands at 209.

If other states with electoral votes totaling 61 join the compact, it will take effect, fundamentally changing the way the country elects its president every four years.

When the NPVIC gets at least 270 electoral votes from its member states, each “would allocate all its electoral votes to whoever wins the national popular vote for president, regardless of how individual states voted in an election,” the Associated Press (AP) said.

As a result, the Electoral College would be abolished without a congressional act or a constitutional amendment. Instead, the election would be won by the candidate who received the most popular votes across the country.

As a result, several critics have labeled the compact unconstitutional.

“Maine is making a big mistake,” Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky told NTD News.

He went on to say that “there is a good reason for using [the Electoral College system] instead of the national popular vote.”

“The framers of the Constitution wanted [the Electoral College] because they said if we have a national popular vote system then candidates will simply go to the big cities and get votes there,” Von Spakovsky said.

“They will ignore the smaller states, the more rural parts of the country,” he said. “And that is just as true, in fact, more so today, than it was then.”

Von Spakovsky contended that if the compact went into effect, Maine would “basically be ignored”.

“Why would candidates go there when they can instead go to big cities such as New York and [Los Angeles] to get their votes?” he said.

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