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Breaking development at Columbia University has exposed the Left’s terrifying secret plan


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With so much unrest across the nation right now, many people are wondering where this came from. But no one was expecting this shocking truth.

And a breaking development at Columbia University has exposed the Left’s terrifying secret plan.

Columbia University is currently facing significant unrest as protests have forced the administration to call for NYPD intervention to restore order on campus.

President Minouche Shafik, in a decisive move, has sought assistance from local law enforcement to clear the occupied administration building, Hamilton Hall, citing safety concerns and ongoing disruptions to university operations.

The reason for this intervention was a group of protesters, reportedly including students but primarily driven by individuals not affiliated with Columbia, who forcibly entered Hamilton Hall.

This attack, which involved vandalism and trespassing, occurred in the early hours, with intruders allowing themselves access after the building had closed for the night.

According to Shafik, security personnel were present during the intrusion but were later secured and released without harm.

This occupation is part of a larger pattern of disruptive behavior, with encampments also reported on the West Lawn and Math Lawn of the Morningside campus.

Despite over a week of discussions and warnings issued to the protesters demanding they vacate the occupied spaces, the situation reached a stalemate, prompting the administration to suspend involved students and declare all participants as trespassers.

The severity of the disruption led to a significant law enforcement response.

Under the direction of President Shafik, who received backing from the university’s trustees, NYPD officers were deployed to the campus with corrections buses and tactical equipment, including a stairway to access Hamilton Hall directly through a window.

Sources from New York’s City Hall, as reported by CBS News’ Ali Bauman, indicate a troubling aspect of the protests: the involvement of individuals linked to known terrorists, further complicating the security dynamics at Columbia.

One such individual, reportedly the wife of Sami Al-Arian, a man deported in 2015 for aiding Islamic Jihad, was believed to be among the protesters, raising serious national security concerns.

These developments have sparked widespread debate about the role of universities in managing protests and the balance between ensuring safety and upholding the rights to free speech and political expression.

Columbia has long been committed to allowing political activities within the bounds of established rules, aiming to support both expression and operational continuity.

However, the actions leading up to the NYPD’s intervention suggest a breakdown of this balance, with external elements purportedly steering the movement, thus overshadowing legitimate student grievances and hijacking the narrative for potentially more sinister agendas.

This has led to calls for President Shafik’s resignation, with critics arguing that the university’s leadership has either been unable to foresee or unwilling to address the escalation until it reached a crisis point.

The decision to involve NYPD and the subsequent police action, which the Left claims is wrong, underscores the challenges institutions face when external influences infiltrate student-led movements, steering them towards violence and chaos.

The involvement of figures connected to terrorist activities particularly highlights the risks associated with allowing unchecked protests to continue without a firm response.

With the Left claiming that these are simply more “peaceful protests,” the discovery of outsiders stirring the pot and working with people affiliated with terrorists has completely changed the narrative.

We must secure our nation and stop these radical and violent protests.

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