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Top CNN brass loses it live on TV after learning that Biden is dead in the water


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CNN just had a mega meltdown. They can’t believe what’s happening before their very eyes.

And now after learning that Joe Biden is dead in the water, CNN’s top brass has completely lost it.

Joe Biden just keeps digging a hole for himself, one that seems next to impossible for him to get out of at this point. His administration is insistent that there’s nothing wrong with the economy, even though Americans are struggling to put food on the table for their families. Insistent that there is no worsening illegal immigration crisis. Insistent that violent crime is not on the rise all over the nation. They are insistent that America is safer and better than ever before.

This is Orwell-typical, 1984 levels of narrative control that is almost unbelievable. The problem for the Democrats, though, is that they might be overplaying their hand. The gaslighting will only work but so much, and is seemingly falling apart.

Consider the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas that was catalyzed by the ruthless October 7th attack on innocent Israeli citizens at the hands of disgusting, radical Muslim terrorists in Hamas.

Joe Biden was initially very vocal about his support for Israel, as anyone would be. As soon as he found at that supporting Israel was going to be a problem for his voting base, however, he started to change his tune. Changing his tune didn’t help his case at all.

Instead, now he looks like a coward who is quietly trying to support Israel behind closed doors while also trying to threaten Israel with ultimatums that he never would have put on them back in October and November of 2023 in the wake of the terrorist attack.

Now everyone can see that he is just another bureaucrat and career politician who doesn’t care about the safety of America, peace for Israel, and peace for everyone in the Middle East. He’s a weak leader, and everyone can see it right now. Many political commentators have noted that it’s possible some of these international conflicts like between Israel and Hamas or between Ukraine and Russia would never have happened on Donald Trump’s watch.

This has led to worsening and worsening approval ratings for Joe Biden. So much so that even CNN employees are freaking out that Joe Biden is officially toast, especially after the latest polls to hit the news.

CNN’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, expressed astonishment on Tuesday at President Joe Biden’s dismal approval rating regarding his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to a recent CNN poll released on Sunday, a staggering 71% of voters disapprove of Biden’s approach to the war, marking it as his “worst issue” in terms of public opinion. Enten, speaking on CNN News Central, pointed out the consistent decline in the president’s approval ratings on this matter.

“You mentioned the word ‘dissatisfied’ and I would certainly use that word,” Enten shared on air. “I might even use a harsher term. All right. These are Biden’s worst issue approval ratings. Okay, the economy’s at 34%, on inflation he’s at 29%, on the Israel-Hamas war he’s at 28%. His disapproval rating is north of 70%. My goodness gracious.”

“And if you look at the trend line, you see that Biden’s approval rating on the Israel-Hamas war has only been going down. If you looked at the beginning of Israel’s war with Hamas, it was closer to about 45%, so that trend line going in a very bad direction. And right now, it’s one of the worst issues for president Biden.”

“My goodness gracious” is right. Joe Biden is falling apart at the seams. Simply nothing is going right for him and his re-election odds. Even the most ardent supporters of Joe Biden are being forced to acknowledge that he’s got a serious problem of bleeding support that he won’t even acknowledge.

Some polls suggest that Biden’s dwindling support among young voters is directly linked to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Enten previously highlighted Biden’s declining approval among this demographic even before the conflict erupted in October.

“President Biden truly is between a rock and a hard place,” Mr. Enten went on to add to his comments on CNN. “A separate poll conducted by Quinnipiac University last month asked whether America’s support for Israel is excessive. Approximately 30% of respondents believe it is, while 37% consider it adequate, and 21% say it’s insufficient. For Biden, shifting away from his friendly stance towards Israel could risk alienating both the 21% and the 37%.”

“Yes, there is a portion of the American public that believes that there’s too much support for Israel. That’s especially the case among young voters. But when we’re talking about the electorate at large, of course that’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about elections, if Joe Biden were in fact to become less friendly towards Israel, I‘m not sure it would necessarily work out for him overall,” he suggested.

Watch the clip from CNN using the video player below:

CNN’s Jim Acosta also expressed disbelief at a CNN poll indicating that 55% of Americans view former President Donald Trump’s term as successful, a significant shift from the same percentage labeling it a failure in January 2021. Acosta described this shift as “remarkable,” citing events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

Greg Valliere, Chief U.S. Policy Strategist at AGF Investments, remarked on Fox Business that if Biden fails to regain support among young voters, he will rely heavily on winning back the votes of black and Hispanic voters, groups with which he is also struggling.

“You’re seeing that now and I think it’s almost too late for the president to regain his support among young people. He’s got to do very well among Hispanics and African-Americans and he’s not,” the political expert has said on the matter.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major Israel-Hamas news as well as 2024 election news.


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