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Hillary Clinton shocks Democrats with her betrayal as she joins Republicans on major issue


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The radical Left likes to think that they all support each other. But the reality is that they are falling apart.

And Hillary Clinton has shocked Democrats with her betrayal as she joins Republicans on a major issue.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently delivered a pointed critique of pro-Hamas protesters during an MSNBC interview, saying that “they don’t know very much.”

During the interview, Clinton emphasized the lack of historical knowledge among today’s youth, especially those engaged in radical Left-wing campus activism supporting Hamas.

She expressed concern that many of these young individuals are unaware of critical events and negotiations that have shaped the current state of the Middle East.

This ignorance, she argues, contributes to a simplistic and often skewed perspective on a complex and nuanced issue.

One of the pivotal moments Clinton highlighted was the Camp David Summit in 2000, where her husband, former President Bill Clinton, played a central role in facilitating negotiations between then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The summit nearly resulted in a groundbreaking peace agreement, offering the Palestinians a sovereign state on 96% of the territory they claimed, with an additional 4% coming from land swaps with Israel to make up for the rest.

Clinton recounted how this generous offer, which would have significantly advanced the peace process, was ultimately rejected by Arafat.

She characterized this as a tragic missed opportunity that could have altered the course of Middle Eastern politics by establishing a Palestinian state nearly a quarter-century ago.

According to Clinton, this historical misstep is largely unknown among young protesters, who frequently champion the Palestinian cause without a comprehensive understanding of the concessions offered by Israel and the complex dynamics at play.

Furthermore, Clinton revealed that her husband’s forthcoming book would provide an in-depth look at these negotiations, including Arafat’s personal fears of assassination, which he confided might prevent him from accepting the peace deal.

Clinton’s critique extends beyond the specifics of the Camp David Summit to address a broader concern about the educational deficiencies that impair young people’s engagement with global issues.

She stressed the importance of a well-rounded education that includes a robust understanding of international history and politics, suggesting that without such knowledge, activism can be misguided or manipulated.

Moreover, Clinton’s observations highlight a need for a more balanced discourse on college campuses, where the narrative around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is frequently dominated by anti-Israel sentiments.

This one-sided environment not only stifles free speech but also prevents a fair and comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

The former secretary of state’s call for better education on these topics is a call to action for educational institutions to foster environments where diverse perspectives can be shared and debated openly.

In a broader conservative critique, Clinton’s comments echo concerns about how Left-leaning educational institutions and media often shape young minds with a selective version of history that aligns with a progressive agenda, potentially leading to activism based on incomplete or biased information.

Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks provide a significant reflection on the state of contemporary political activism and the essential role of education in shaping informed citizens.

Her insights urge a reconsideration of how history is taught and discussed, particularly concerning longstanding conflicts like that between Israel and Palestine.

As long as the radical Left continues to push their agenda and fill the media and school system with propaganda instead of history, the future of the country is not safe.

We must stand up for the truth, and we must demand the radical Left put aside their agenda and speak the truth.

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