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CNN confesses Joe Biden needs to bend the knee to Donald Trump


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President Biden has made a serious mistake. Not even CNN can ignore it.

And CNN just confessed that Joe Biden should bend the knee to Donald Trump.

In an upcoming interview on CNN, host Fareed Zakaria acknowledged the effectiveness of former President Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigration. Trump’s approach, which required immigrants to seek asylum from their home countries and await processing in Mexico, is lauded by Zakaria for its practicality.

He highlights the current flaws in the system, where individuals exploit loopholes by claiming “credible fear of persecution” to gain legal entry and evade enforcement.

Zakaria advocates for reinstating Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, emphasizing the need for both practical and symbolic actions to address border security. He urges President Biden to recognize the broken nature of the asylum system and implement necessary reforms. Zakaria suggests a more stringent approach, requiring asylum seekers to apply from their home countries, as Trump had proposed.

When questioned about the political implications of adopting Trump’s policies, Zakaria asserts that prioritizing effective solutions should supersede partisan concerns. He emphasizes the necessity of addressing the systemic flaws in the asylum process, which have been exploited by millions.

“Today, people are coming in aided by cartels to whom they pay huge amounts of money, and they’re not running away from law enforcement,” Zakaria shared with CNN in the interview.

“They’re running towards law enforcement because they have figured out that all they have to do is say the magic words: ‘I have a credible fear of persecution.’ And bingo, you’re in the country legally. You get two court hearings. They could take seven years. Meanwhile, you slip into the shadows of the economy. So the whole system is broken,” Zakaria added.

The “Remain in Mexico” policy, which saw around 70,000 migrants awaiting court hearings in Mexico, is cited as a successful example of managing immigration flows. Despite political opposition, Zakaria suggests that Biden should consider declaring a national security crisis and implementing decisive measures to overhaul the system.

“And it’s also the right policy because the old asylum system is being gamed by millions of people,” CNN’s Zakaria went on to claim.

Drawing parallels with Trump’s approach, Zakaria underscores the importance of symbolism in addressing border issues. He suggests that Biden must be seen as actively working to address concerns, even if certain actions are challenged in court.

Zakaria emphasizes the need for tangible efforts to reform the immigration system and restore public confidence in border security measures. Defending Donald Trump’s immigration policies is a full-circle admission that the Left is being forced to acknowledge.

Donald Trump’s immigration philosophy, as expressed during his presidency and political career, can be summarized by several key principles such as strong borders and merit-based immigration policies.

Trump has consistently advocated for strengthening border security, particularly along the southern border of the United States. He has emphasized the need for physical barriers, such as a wall or fence, to deter illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Trump has also supported transitioning the U.S. immigration system towards a merit-based approach, where applicants are evaluated based on their skills, education, and ability to contribute to the U.S. economy. This would prioritize immigrants who have valuable skills or qualifications over those seeking family reunification.

Surveys suggest that American voters overwhelmingly support Donald Trump’s immigration policies rather than Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’. So much so that even Joe Biden’s most ardent voters are questioning whether he is even capable of addressing the critical southern border crisis at all.

With the illegal immigration crisis proving to be a major issue on the minds of American voters, Joe Biden is at serious risk of being blown out of the water when it comes time for Americans to cast their ballots this November.

National surveys demonstrate that Joe Biden is far behind Donald Trump on the two most important issues that are on the minds of Americans, which are the economy and illegal immigration. Many experts believe this has led to Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in the national popular vote surveys that he historically never led in back in 2016 and 2020.

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Everything Trump did on border security was far and away better then that old brain dead fool now in the White House