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Newest activist group backing Biden has Americans stunned


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Joe Biden needs all the support and help he can get for November. But still, people were surprised by this latest action.

And the newest activist group backing Biden has Americans stunned.

In a move that underscores the desperation of the Biden campaign, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a major LGBTQ advocacy organization, has announced a hefty $15 million investment to boost President Joe Biden’s re-election bid in 2024.

This effort aims to sway voters in critical battleground states through an aggressive ground game and media blitz.

The HRC plans to focus its resources on six key states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

These states are crucial for Biden’s electoral strategy, and the organization believes that mobilizing voters who prioritize LGBTQ issues could make a significant difference.

According to HRC estimates, there are around 75 million so-called “equality voters” nationwide. The group claims that about a third of these voters are still undecided.

HRC President Kelley Robinson, who identifies as a black, queer mom, stated that these equality voters are typically younger than 40 and predominantly women.

Robinson told NBC News that this demographic is vital for Biden’s re-election.

“This group of voters, when you break them down by state, can actually make the difference,” Robinson claimed.

“In a state like Arizona, where President Biden won by about 10,000 votes, you’ve got 1.4 million equality voters. This is a powerful constituency, a powerful community. It’s our job to ensure that they have the tools they need to turn out to the polls.”

This massive spending effort comes as Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet, particularly among key voter blocs.

A recent New York Times poll showed Trump leading in five of the six swing states targeted by the HRC, with Michigan being the only state where Biden holds a slim advantage.

Biden’s campaign has been struggling, particularly with minority voters who feel neglected by the administration’s policies.

Biden’s focus on appeasing his far-Left base, especially on issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict, has alienated many voters.

The president’s recent shift to a more pro-Palestinian stance, following pressure from radical elements within his party, has not sat well with the broader electorate.

This pandering to the far-Left, while neglecting pressing domestic issues, has been a significant factor in his declining support.

Minority voters, who have traditionally supported the Democratic Party, are increasingly disillusioned with Biden.

These voters feel overlooked and taken for granted by an administration more focused on pushing progressive agendas than addressing their concerns.

This discontent has opened the door for Trump, who is gaining ground among these critical demographics.

The Human Rights Campaign’s $15 million effort to prop up Biden highlights the challenges facing the incumbent president.

By targeting equality voters in key swing states, the HRC hopes to tip the scales in Biden’s favor.

However, Biden’s focus on fringe issues and neglect of core voter concerns continue to erode his supporter base.

With Trump’s popularity on the rise and Biden’s approval ratings in free-fall, the 2024 election is shaping up to be a contentious battle.

The success of the HRC’s initiative will be crucial, but it remains to be seen whether it can overcome the significant hurdles facing Biden’s campaign.

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