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Chilling terror reports from southern border have the entire nation on high-alert


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Ever since Joe Biden took office and undid all of Trump’s strong border policies, our nation has not been secure. But now, things have taken a scary turn.

And chilling terror reports from the southern border have the entire nation on high alert.

In a troubling revelation, data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has shown that 81 suspects on the terror watchlist have been apprehended while attempting to illegally cross into the United States since October 2023.

This alarming statistic underscores the escalating security crisis at our nation’s borders, which many attribute to the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies.

With six months remaining in Fiscal Year 2024, encounters with individuals on the Terrorist Screening Dataset are poised to approach, if not surpass, the 172 reported in the previous fiscal year.

This trend reflects a significant and dangerous increase in potential threats entering the country because of Joe Biden’s failed leadership.

According to CBP, 80 of the aforementioned encounters occurred along the southern border, while only one suspect attempted to enter from Canada.

While those on the terror watchlist constitute just 0.0069 percent of all illegal immigrants caught by Border Patrol, this figure has been on the rise since President Joe Biden took office.

In 2019, terror suspects made up a mere 0.0004 percent of all encounters, increasing slightly to 0.0007 percent and 0.0010 percent in the subsequent years.

However, in 2022, this figure more than quadrupled to 0.0044 percent, and in 2023, it nearly doubled again, reaching 0.0083 percent.

The dramatic increase in terror suspects apprehended at the border has sparked fierce criticism from conservative lawmakers and commentators.

Senator Marco Rubio has been particularly vocal, blaming President Biden and the Democrats for what he calls an “open border” policy that invites security risks.

“They’re coming because they believe they’ll be able to get here easier and they can stay,” Rubio told Fox News. “As far as the terrorists are concerned, they’re coming from parts of the world that we have no data on, so if you’re ‘Joe Terrorist’ and you come to the border, we may not know you’re a terrorist because we don’t have any data on you.”

Rubio’s warning is stark and clear: terror groups may be exploiting perceived weaknesses in U.S. border security to infiltrate the country. “He opened the door to America for ISIS and all these other criminal and terrorist element groups,” Rubio added, “and it’s put our country in grave danger.”

The increase in terror suspects attempting to cross the border illegally is a direct challenge to national security and highlights the urgent need for stronger border policies.

Many Americans point out that the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump-era border protections and its more lenient approach to immigration enforcement have created a situation where the U.S. is more vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.

During the Trump administration, significant steps were taken to secure the border, including the construction of a border wall, the implementation of the Remain in Mexico policy, and increased funding for Border Patrol agents.

These measures were designed to deter illegal crossings and enhance the nation’s security.

However, many of these policies were either reversed completely or weakened under Biden, leading to a surge in illegal immigration and, as the data suggests, an increase in potential threats.

Another factor contributing to the border crisis is the proliferation of sanctuary cities across the United States.

These cities, which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, create safe havens for illegal immigrants, including those who may pose a threat to national security.

Critics argue that sanctuary policies undermine the rule of law and make it more difficult to track and apprehend dangerous individuals.

As Senator Rubio and other concerned lawmakers have pointed out, the safety and security of the American people should be the top priority.

It is time for President Biden to recognize the gravity of the situation and take the necessary steps to protect the nation from the growing threat posed by those who seek to exploit our borders for nefarious purposes.

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