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Latest lawsuit against the Biden administration could completely end things


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Because of the Biden administration’s horrific policies, many people have sought legal justice against Biden and the Left. But this most recent incident is shocking.

And the newest lawsuit against the Biden administration could completely end things.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, challenging new workplace regulations that mandate specific accommodations for transgender employees.

These requirements include the use of preferred pronouns, adherence to chosen dress codes, and allowing access to gender-specific spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and lactation facilities based on gender identity rather than biological gender.

The lawsuit argues that these mandates overstep federal authority and violate existing court rulings.

On Tuesday, Paxton announced the lawsuit targeting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, and other officials within the Biden administration.

The legal action aims to halt what Paxton’s office describes as an “unlawful attempt to redefine federal law through agency guidance.”

“In April 29, the EEOC issued guidance that would redefine the meaning of ‘s*x’ in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to require employer accommodations for bathroom usage, dress code compliance, and pronoun usage in the workplace based on ‘gender identity’ rather than biological s*x,” Paxton’s office stated.

The lawsuit builds on a previous legal victory for Texas in 2022 where the state successfully challenged similar guidance issued by the Biden administration.

At that time, a federal court ruled that the EEOC lacked the authority to reinterpret employer accommodation laws concerning gender identity instead of biological gender.

Despite this ruling, the Biden administration’s EEOC issued new guidance on April 29, 2023, reiterating its stance that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should include protections for gender identity.

This guidance was framed as a continuation of the Supreme Court’s 2020 Bostock decision, which found that discrimination based on gender identity or s*xual orientation is inherently a form of s*x discrimination under Title VII.

Paxton’s lawsuit contends that the EEOC and other federal agencies are overreaching by attempting to enforce these interpretations without proper legislative backing or consideration of existing legal frameworks.

The EEOC’s updated guidance requires employers to make several accommodations for transgender employees, including:

Pronoun Usage: Employers must use the pronouns that correspond to an employee’s gender identity.
Dress Code Compliance: Employees must be allowed to dress in accordance with their gender identity.
Access to Gender-Specific Spaces: Transgender employees must be permitted to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that match their gender identity.

Paxton and other critics argue that these mandates impose significant burdens on employers and violate the rights of other employees.

They contend that such policies could lead to privacy concerns, especially in gender-specific spaces, and may conflict with religious beliefs and other deeply held values.

“Yet again the Biden Administration is trying to circumvent the democratic process by issuing sweeping mandates from the desks of bureaucrats that would fundamentally reshape American law,” said Attorney General Paxton in a press release.

“Texas will not stand by while Biden ignores court orders forbidding such actions and will hold the federal government accountable at every turn.”

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